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  1. genecrist1234

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    I have a Harrington and Richardson revolver, .22 special ,6 inch bbl. 9 shot .(.22 long rifle ctg.) that has been in my possession for 60 years.

    Also a Colt. .32 police positive rev. 2 in bbl (.32 police cartridge). In my possession for 53 yrs.

    Do either of these weapons have any particular value ? Thanks ,Gene.
  2. string1946

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    We would need more information on the H&R as they made several models that fit your description. Does the frame break open for ejection and loading? Does the barrel have a rib and if so is it vented or solid? Is there model number such as 199, 929 or 999? Maybe a picture would help.

    As for the Colt Police Positive the Standard Catalog of Firearms 23 Edition give the prices as: Exc. $700, V.G. $475 & Good $250.

  3. hiwall

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    All guns have value. The two you listed are not really sought after by collectors, if that is what you mean. The Colts I often see in the $250 to $350 range(I bought a nice one for $125 about 5 years ago). I admit I don't keep track of what H&R revolvers are worth (I have no interest).
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    The .22 Special IS the model. Top break, large grips (bit of a saw handle to some of the grips) Typically pre WW 2- think late 20s to early 40s.

    Values are not extremely high- $150-$250, depending on condition. Nice guns. But I have one that I would not take 5 grand for- Mom got it for Dad for their first anniversary.

    they look like this: 22 special.jpg

    Incidentally, most ARE in .22 LR, but there was ALSO a cartridge called the .22 Special- similar to the .22 WRF
  5. genecrist1234

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    Mine is identical to the one shown in this pic.
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    Nice family heirloom.
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    Try here for both guns.


    Harrington and Richardson (H&R) Firearms:

    There is not a lot of information available about individual models of firearms that Harrington and Richardson manufactured. Harrington and Richardson manufactured reliable utilitarian low cost firearms from 1874 when they were founded, until 1986 when they ceased production, the H&R trademark was also utilized by a new company (H&R 1871, Inc.). H&R firearms were solid and durable, but plain and cheap. Even in nice condition, there is about zero collector interest in old H&R firearms. Values are well under $100, and usually under $50.00. If there is any sentimental value we recommend that they be kept as a family heirloom from the days when people owned and used guns safely and responsibly without the need for draconian government supervision to make it "safe for our kids". The exceptions to this rule are the H&R M1 Garands and H&R U.S. Model 1873 rifles. H&R made the M1 in the 1950's and these are highly collectible. They also made a replica Model 1873 rifle, which is collectible.

    Try posing your question on our ArmsCollectors.com H&R / Iver Johnson forum.

    *Note - We would strongly advise that any old firearm should be checked by a competent gunsmith both for safety and to verify the caliber before an attempts is made to fire it.
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    One of the most collectable Harrington and Richardson firearms is the Model 60 Reising rifle manufactured in 1944-1946 in .45 ACP caliber.