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    1. Lonewolf Mcquade
      Lonewolf Mcquade
      Can you please delete my account & information here? Thank you, Russ.
    2. Steve in Allentown
      Steve in Allentown
    3. jackrich3
      Wondering when my subscription is up.
    4. freefall
      I don't like to be a whiner. But you told me to leave SGW alone, and I am tired of his bullying ways. I am honing to light him up for the way he is treating WTSherman in the Open Carry thread, but am not because I respect you.
      Why does this forum let him act the way he does? Any of we others would be smacked down, I'm sure. When I reply to him in kind, I get a slap-o-gram.
      Que es?
    5. freefall
      So, do you intend to put up with the racist crap from SGWGunsmith?
    6. jdsingleshot
      c3shooter, the title of the wanted thread that says "Need than" should say "Need sling swivel." I'll have to try to be much more aware of my unskilled fingers. I'm spoiled by forums that allow the OP to fix mistakes...
    7. VaR
      Or failing those.... flat out agreeing to disagree. Evidently it's different here with some. I just don't have the patience for that kinda drama anymore. Cya around. David Dulacki
    8. VaR
      Thank you. You gave me warm welcome here. I tried to add to the discussions. I'm used to the difference between facts and opinions. One requires a link/proof on occasion the other maybe qualifying or even defending to achieve some sort of understanding.
    9. gardagunner
      While search'n for Warrick County Indiana Gun Ordinances I found our Forum Posted. Is that Legal?
    10. jackrich3
      Just checking my membership status, seems like more than a year.
    11. BVAL
      Good evening c3, just had a lol moment,,,thought I would ask you because I have forgotten how.
      How do I start a new post or a new topic?
    12. BillDeShivs
      Check out the "Hunting thread!"
    13. M14sRock
      Hey Brother, It's been a while. Just wanted to check in and see if you had heard about Cane.
    14. RobertHreen
      I caught alert * Your thread Beginning was moved to a different forum. Reason: Thread promoting sales. Need to become a Vendor.
      And another thread disappeared, probably for the same reasons.
      Although I do not think, that thread, where i give people the opportunity to use My work For Free, I ask you to restore my thread in the old place, or, if You thinks otherwise, explain how to become a Vendor.
    15. TimKS
      I'm with 303tom...what happened to the T Trail?
    16. 303tom
      What happened to the Tail Trail, and WHAT do I have to do to get in the (Private) forums ?..................
    17. chickgun
      I have a question. Can we put links in our posts? Like if I wanted to show people a website or ask about different products could I put in a link to the web page?
    18. Rarity
      Just got a bad earthquake over there, hope everything is fine over where you are.
    19. iluv2shoot2
      Hey man, how's it goin'. I've been searching for info on a shotgun I have on the web, and I noticed the little "SEARCH" button at the top of our home page. After doing a search I noticed you helping a couple of members out with theirs and I wondered if I could get you to help me also. I have a Ted Williams pump, 12 gauge; 2 3/4"; VC(variable choke); model 200. The serial # is P188441, and has the numbers 273.5350 on it. any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    20. pagj17
      Thanks for all of the information about the 03 process you've made available on the Forum!
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    Third bunker on the right,Central Virginia
    Savior of Humanity (Retired)
    Retired, US Army, 03 FFL, Master Explosives Engineer

    anything involving gunpowder


    What we have here is... failure- to communicate.
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