Need help with picking a scope for a Mauser .308

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by FID, Jul 6, 2009.

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    I have a Mauser .308 that was my grandfathers deer hunting rifle. I would like to get a new scope although I do not want to break the bank horribly. I would like some feedback and brands of scopes and also just some general information on what to look for.
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    what type of shooting will you be doing?
    whats the longest shot you think you will be confronted with?

    I just recently put a Nikon prostaff bdc 3x9x40 on a 30-06, Retails $150-$170.. I am very happy with this scope, up to 450yrds.

    all in all there's many choices out there, if by any chance you live decently close to a major chain store "like bass pro" go there tell them what you're wanting it for, price range, etc. They will gladly help you out. If you still have questions about what the sales rep. offered post the results here for input.

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    Well the farthest realistic shot I might take would be around 300 yards or so. I would like to use it for deer hunting as well as some various varmint type hunting. I do live close to some shops were I could ask for advice although I wanted to get some ideas before I went somewhere and was sold something. But I will check out that scope you made mention of, also I might go check out a couple chain stores and see what they recomend and then see what you guys think of it.
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    I can second the Nikon recommendation. I've been very happy with a Nikon 4-12X Buckmaster that I got at Bass Pro for my Howa 1500 .223. For hunting (I'm not a hunter) I know people normally don't use the higher powers so a 3-9X would save you some money. It's a good scope and it won't break your bank either. One thing I can't tell you is how it handles in extreme fog or morning dew, since I am soley a target shooter I usually only shoot during good conditions.
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    If you going out to 300 yards do yourself a favor and take Yanus' advice and go with at least a 4X12X40. You can buy a Burris, Nikon, or Leupold for a reasonable price. $200 to $300. Stay clear of the lower end optics, it will save you money in the long-run. Believe me, it cost me a bunch of money before I came to this conclusion.
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    For hunting out to 500 yards I find the Leupold VX III 4.5-14X40mm LR works quite well. Mine has the Ballistic Aiming System (B.A.S.) with the Boone and Crockett reticle. It is part # 55265. The newer version (VX3) is even better optics. (part # may be different) This scope has a prarllax adjustment as well. Check out the Leupold website in use of the Boone and Crockett Ballistic Aiming System. They have a video on it's use and you'll see how this system works. IMO it's a real nice piece.
    Mine cost around $525.00 and well worth the money spent.
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    WHat kind of hunting?
    What Range are we talking about?
    How much is breaking the bank and how much is not?
    Is the rifle Drilled and tapped already?

    If the rifle has mounts and rings. I would measure from outside to outside of the front and rear ring. Add 1/2" to that measurement and make sure the scope you are looking for has the total measurment or longer. You want the rings no closer than 1/4" to where the scope startes to taper out for the objective and the eye piece.