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Mar 18, 2011
Feb 29, 2008
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Mar 18, 2011
    1. sebbie
      Thank you Hunter Joe for the welcome. I grew up mostly grew up on Irish commercial ships, fishing, cargo, and charter tourist. As a result I think older men are much more interesting. I am working on my engineering degree here in New Mexico and I am fascinated by this land ocean. You can message me any time since you are part Irish. ;-) Sebbie
    2. Marni
      thanks, Joe. I am not familiar with your shop but will make a special trip to meet you and get some great honest advice. Does your store have a range? Dumb question - can one try out a 12 or 20 gauge in an indoor shooting range? Have only shot one outdoors at private club as a guest. Thanks, Joe.
    3. doctherock
      Thanks for the compliment Joe. I try to keep people laughing. Its better than being mad.
    4. Kimber45
      Howdy, thanks for the hand in friendship.
    5. 2hot2handle
      Hey Joe, proud to be your friend! Thanks for the request :)
    6. spittinfire
      Not a problem. I believe in being humane.
    7. themyst
      Thanks for the friend's request. I suppose a vegetarian and a hunter could be friends. :)
    8. 22paul
      Hi hunter Joe, Thanks for the friend invite, sorry it took me so long to say thanks. I look forward to getting to know ya. Nice bear!!
    9. RugerShootinGal
      Hey there I just wanted to say thanks for bein my friend I am glad to have u as one !!! U have a good day tomorrow
    10. FLOTUS
      Hey Joe!

      I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my profile page and welcoming me to this site. I'm really meeting some great folks.
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    God, Family, Guns, in that order.