Zombie news in florida

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  1. winds-of-change

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    I've seen this news release earlier today. How very disgusting.

  2. shaker

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    I work in law enforcement here in south Florida. I told all my co-workers about six months ago we will
    Have a zombie apocalypse soon. Well they all agree now.

    They are blaming it on some new age drug. Hummmmmm

    Anyways kinda funny I think. I know someone's hurt really bad and I feel for him however zombies in Miami makes me lol
  3. 94browninghunt

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    This makes me think of a parasite called toxoplasmosa gondii...most of us have it in us, but our immune system takes care of it so that we do not get sick. However, when found in rats...it was attracted to the smell of a cats pee, so basically runs towards cats and gets eaten up. Rats have been evolutionary developed to dislike cat pee to elongate the survival of the species but put in simple terms... toxoplasmosa gondii changes the rat brain to go for the piss. The bacteria does that because it can only breed inside a cats intestine. So in simple terms, the rat is programmed to get eaten because of the parasite. In my immunology class we went over this, and one kid brought up about zombies, and was talking about how rats and humans are genetically pretty close (hence all skin products/drugs are tested on rats) and the professor explained it would only take a parasite like the toxoplasmosa gondii except in a more evolved form to "chew" up the human brain and cause people to do weird crap...such as eating others haha.
  4. jimogden1984

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    I saw the videos on youtube about this. Anyone else notice how the guy who was attacked was moving his legs but none of the cops went to help him or see what was goin on? They weren't even in view of the camera for most of it.
  5. Chainfire

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    Sounds to me like just a little rough sex that got outta hand.