Zombie assault vehicle

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by lbwar15, Dec 23, 2012.

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    I was talking to my brother the other day. He showed me a pic he took of a F-250 with a huge brush guard, winches, plow, caged windows, ext.
    it had a big sticker on the back that said zombie assault vehicle. I have seen these before and I know many of you have also. But it got me to thanking how much fun it would be to build one.
    My brother has a 93 explorer 4x4 v6 we are going to use. It just needs a trans. So here is ware you guys come in. Dose anyone have any links I could use to git some ideas, or even some ideas of your own?
    We are planing to swap the v6 for a 3cyl desial if I can find one cheap.

    This is just for something to do for fun. I do not ever plan on using it but who knowers.
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    Im looking at my recoil magazine, where they built just a military based jeep and it tells you what body mods they dida and where they got it, gives links for suspension,wheels&tires,protection,armored fenders everything they did you can get on the recoil site and find this article. It www.recoilweb.com and the article military buil up or look for wrangler pickup, armed and armored. Its a bad *** zombie machine as well.