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    I have a older Zoli O/U that was left to me by a friend and cannot find any info about this gun, Zoli firearms doesn't have any info on older guns. Anyone with any knowledge about these firearms who is willing to talk a bit would be greatly appreciated
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    Previous manufacturer located in Brescia, Italy. Previously imported and distributed exclusively by Angelo Zoli USA located in Addison, IL. Mfg. 1985-87.
    Angelo Zoli went out of business in December, 1987 and was taken over by the Italian Bank of Brescia in 1989. Many people tend to confuse the shotguns of Angelo and Antonio Zoli (it is hard to determine which manufacturer made a gun marked "A. Zoli"). There is no correlation between these trademarks and Antonio Zoli DOES NOT have parts for these earlier Angelo Zoli long arms. Even though both trademarks may indicate "A. ZOLI" for a barrel address, they are mostly discernible by the model listings under both headings in this section.

    I found this information on the Blue Book of Gun Values 26th. Edition. If I had more information on what model Zoli you have i might be able to give you an approx. value per the Blue Book [email protected]