Zeroing 7.62X51

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    I find myself temporarily without access to a range right now, so I'd like to ask if any of you have the answer to a question.

    I recently read the thread with the 5.56 zeroing chart, and the 50/200 yard zero for same.

    If you were to zero a 16-18 inch barrel 7.62X51, with 147 grain M80 ball at 50 yards, where would it shoot at 200?:confused:

    Thanks in advance for the info.

    (I'm an old guy, and in the past always zeroed the 7.62 at 200. Never shot it at 50)
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    We would need to know what platform your 7.62/308 Rifle is in. Scoped or not scoped or Holographic or Red Dot Sights?
    Since you do not evidently have access to a range? I will try to give you some ideas. If you can not sight the rifle in due to no range availability and the rifle has one of the above optics. Here is a couple of suggestions that I have used in the past with good success. And will certainly make the rifle effective for defense in the mean time until you can get to the range. However I would sure want to shoot it first before I needed to defend with it. I have seen new weapons not fire at all or have malfunctions.
    If it is a bolt action rifle remove the bolt and sand bag the rifle and or make it stable while setting on a table or bench. Wait until dark and shut all of the lights off in the room. Looking through the bore locate a street light or bright light some distance away. Looking through the bore and rotating your eye in small circles you will be able to tell when the light is focused in the center of the bore. Take your time doing this to be as sure as possible. Then without touching the rifle look at the light through the scope or optic. Without moving the rifle adjust the sight so the reticle is on the light. Repeat the process until the bore view and the reticle are both centered.
    If it is an AR type rifle just use the upper with the Bolt Carrier out of the upper. And perform the above procedures. Many times I have been right on with only the need to make a few inches of adjustment at 100 yards.
    Question number two. 50 and 200 yards. First of all 50 yard zero for the 7.62X51 is almost the same as at 100 normally. Of course there are variables! Ammunition and etc. If the 7.62X51 is zeroed at 100 yards it will be 2 MOA low at 200 which is 4 inches. So obviously if you zeroed it at 50 or 100 it would not be dead on at 200. However for defense who cares if you hit them 4 inches low at 200. It is still going to get the job done! Hope this gives you some ideas!


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    Thank you. The platform is an AR-M4 style, 16 inch barrel. Ammo is M-80 147 grain ball. Currently equipped with a Trijicon A.C.O.G. and sighted dead on at 100 yards.

    After reading another thread here with ballistic charts for the 5.56, showing sighting in at 50 and 100 yards, I was very curious how the 7.62 would compare with those charts.

    In a couple of months, when I get access to my old range, I'm planning on experimenting with these sightings, but in the meantime, I was just very curious if anyone has done experimentation with 7.62 at these various sighting in points.:confused: