Zep Super Penetrant as gun cleaner?

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by TheHateCamel, Mar 1, 2014.

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    So my dad has been an auto-tech for most of his life. He recently started working for a friend of his who is not only a gear-head like my father, but also a gun-nut, like me.

    My dad knows that I do heavy-duty gun cleaning jobs on the side, so he recently gave me a can of Zep Super Penetrant spray. His boss gave it to him to give to me, saying that's all he ever uses to clean his firearms. Swears by the stuff.

    This is automotive cleaner of some kind, and I've never heard of anyone using it on guns. Has anyone here ever actually tried it? Seems to me like it might be good on rusty screws/locked up parts on older and/or severely neglected weapons, but I'm still wary about using it until I know more. I've always been a big CLP man myself, using very fine steel wool on the tough stuff when necessary.
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    i have used the Zep penetrating oil for many years and find it to one of the best on the market. problem is that you have to buy it from a distributor or dealer to get it. it's expensive too compared to the other brands.

    now i have never used it on guns, but given what it does and how well it works, i don't see it not working quite well on guns as it does on other things.

    i use the Zep 45 penetrating oil and used the Zep on a forklift engine that had been left outside for about three years and the engine was seized up from water intrusion. took about a week of spraying it into the spark plug holes and working it with a breaker bar and socket, but i got it running and we used that forklift for about two years before it finally cratered.