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  1. dog2000tj

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    Does anyone know about them? Are they good quality scopes? How would they compare to other manufacturers?
  2. mrm14

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    Usually beyond other top quality socpes, notice the word USRALLY, but generalluy speakeing if you are prepaired to spend the money, ther're more than worth it.

    I'm a Leupold and Night Force fan, usually because they offer or will custom build a scope for me for under $3000.00 and galss is more important to me than the rifle. You have to see and be able to estimate and range the target accurately before you squeeze one off. Their scopes are usually top cabin in my book, but you pay the price.
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  3. Dshusker

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    Great optics! Great value! Should satisfy your shooting/hunting needs. I really like the Conquest series for general hunting, durability, and great German optics. You can buy better, but not for the price.
  4. Bolosniper

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    Very good choice. Schott optical glass, which is the very best and clearest of any manufactured in the world is the standard with European manufactured scopes.

    There really is a difference in the clarity of European glass. I was told that the raw materials used to manufacture the glass was the "purest or best" that can be gotten. That source is in Romania, and the very best facility to final grind, polish, and coat glass is Schott.

    I have a 12-42x56mm NightForce and let customers compare the clarity between that NightForce and the IOR Valdada scopes we have. The difference is dramatic, especially under low light conditions. I have shot after full darkness at extended ranges, no overcast and a quarter moon with IOR Valdada scopes. Have tried the same drill with both NightForce and US Optics and before full darkness have had to quit shooting because I couldn't see the target down range.

    European optics aren't inexpensive, but one of the major elements is very expensive to manufacture optical glass.
  5. Dillinger

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    I would agree with Bolo - The European glass is a step above what is available from the rest of the scope making community. Zeiss, IOR Valdada and Schmidt & Bender are all top quality scopes.

    Having said that, you are going to spend DOUBLE for the scope and PROBABLY get one that 15% to 20% better over all. If you have the money, by all means, get one ( or three :D ) but if you can't pony up $2K or $3K on optics, then some of the American scopes with the Japanese glass are still pretty damn good.

    If your goal is the ultimate field scope, for all light conditions, then go European glass.

  6. panzermk2

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    Some of the best scopes money can buy.
  7. cpttango30

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    They only real draw back is this. American glass while not as clear is harder than euro glass. Jap glass is the 3rd in the top three with clairity and hardness just slightly under that of euro and american glass. Much of the light transmission is due to the coating on the lenses and this the best coating win.

    IOR, Ziess, Swarofski, S&B are all very top of the line scopes. SO are Leupold, Nightforce, and US Optics.

    If your ponying up $2000+ just for optics you may also want to look at March Scopes. These are taking the benchrest world by storm and offer a 6x zoom range. That means it offers a 10-60x52mm scope. MARCH SCOPE

    You get what you pay for, for the most part in optics. I personally believe that the $400 to $700 range is the sweet sport for optics. This is for normal every day use by normal people. Some that have replyed to this thread are just spouting what they have heard on this and other forums. I believe you get the most bang for your buck in that price range right now. You can get 30mm tubes and side focus now in this range.
  8. dog2000tj

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    Guys, thanks for the replies and info. I have not managed nearly enough range time with my AR10 to warrant optics yet. I just happened to come across a few at the shop and was chatting up the shopkeeper about them.

  9. matt g

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    You might want to take a look at Pride and Fowler. They offer quality glass at affordable prices and have an innovative reticle.
  10. Bongos

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    I have a Zeiss Diavari 6-24x56T with MilDot and comparing it to other scopes like NightForce, Leupold, and US Optics. I would rank it as good if not a little better than the NightForce 5.5-22x56 with NP-R2 NXS. Of all the Leupold MK4 6.5-20x50 Mildot ranks the lowest of all my scopes... then again it's the lowest cost scope. My USO SN-3 3.2-17x44 is not comparable as it is a FFP.

    BTW, USO and NightForce uses Japan Glass, Zeiss is German, Leupold depend on model are made in USA as well as Asia. Of all, the German and Japan glass are really nice and clear

    hope this helps:eek: