zatava p.a.p

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  1. deadworm

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    anyone know anything about these guns? imported from serbia by e.a.a.
    they sure look mean.
    wonder about them as the price here is LOW. like 394 brand new.
  2. Pjj342

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    I have found a little

    From what I hear these are nice guns for under $400. Good luck trying to convert them to double stack mags within 922r regs. They are all foriegn, It would prob cost alot, plus I hear of steel plates under the dimples that make opening the mag well a real pain (what ive read online). I am thinking of one for myself if I can find a cheap mag source(eaa mags for it are like $35). You can also use single stack wasr 10 mags. But single stacks from some other countries may not. If it matters to you the barrel is not chrome lined either. I may go with a saiga 7.62x39, easily customizeable, but a little more work.