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I've bought lots of ammo from them and a couple of Mosin Nagant rifles as well as a Yugo M24 Mauser. The ammo was always top notch. The rifles were OK but I think they grade a little on the high side so the ones I got didn't have quite as good bore condition as was advertised. Maybe no real reflection on them since C&R guns are sometimes a crap shoot as far as condition anyway.

I have 2 Yugo SKS's but I wanted the best ones I could get and since they are part of my main rifle battery I looked around and found a couple of "Unissued" ones for my rack. You have to be careful with Yugo SKS's since they don't have chrome lined barrels and chambers and since Yugo military ammo is a little corrosive sometimes the bores can vary in quality.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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