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I have a Yugo SKS that fails to function.

I have:

totally disassembled it and scrubbed thoroughly with Simple Green
replaced the gas valve with a new one from Gunparts Corp
replaced the two gas pistons with new ones from Tapco.

I best I'll get a stove pipe and at worst the gun will fire and the bolt will not cycle.

And yes, the selector is off the grenade position and onto the semi auto mode.

Any solutions before I put the thing in the back of my gun safe-way in the back?

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You will find a very large cross-section of good advice at "SKSboards".

Many of these guys know their rifles intimately, and live the SKS 'lifestyle'.
They have a forum for Norinco, one for Russian, Yugo...

The 'veterans' have seen or heard about all of the problems.
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