Yugo M57 Tokarev

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    I've noticed wideners has Yugo M57s for $199 flat and they come with 2 magazines. Since my birthday is coming up on the 6th of September, I'm wanting to buy it with some birthday money as a gift to me :cool:

    Anyone heard about these Eastern European hand-cannons? More specifically, how was the quality from wideners? I've heard most of them are unissued-never fired except for the factory sight-in (they are zeroed at 25 meters (yards, maybe) from factory, I've heard.)

    Another contention is ammunition; JG has Polish ammo back in stock for these for around .17$ a round, which is considerably more expensive that it used to be but it's cheaper than a 9mm or any other pistol caliber thereof. The vast majority of .30 Tok surplus has dried up online and I've only seen a couple of tins at gun shows. I called Century Arms (they import the stuff) and I was told they bought tons of more of this stuff (warehouses full of it, I was told) in the ex-Yugoslavia states (Serbia, Croatia, ect ect.) However, they are not currently able to import it, probably due to the many flaming hoops one must jump through before importing military armaments.

    Well, what do you guys thing? Is it a worthwhile pistol that I can shoot without worry of surplus drying up or will I have to rely on Russian/Eastern European commercial production ammo?
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    I just ordered a Yugoslav M57 from SOG and should be in my hands in a week. My FFL holding it says it looks new.