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    If you find yourself with a few minutes to burn, watch one of these:

    if you find your safe on youtube, chances are 90 percent of the duration of the video is explaining, and ten per cent is doing
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    Great info, Micro. Thanks

    Stick on and sintre are utter garbage. You only have to handle them to know that.
    I've never trusted consumer grade electronic locks. They're inherently easy to by pass because home owners or hotel guests constantly forget their combinations and they must be easily accessable by common maintenance men or concierges.

    I only use old fashioned combinations with heavy stteel dials that can't be broken wit a few hammer blows, or for smaller keyed safes, some kind of internal lip to make it hard to slip a shim in.

    Stick with real safemakers for true security.

    Heck, I can open my house doors with a any piece of semi rigid plastic.
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    yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, I never trusted electronic gizmos for things that worked just fine and in some cases better when they were all mechanical ie. cars for one
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    The funny thing about almost all so called "Gun" safe's is they are all built with thin 10-12 gauge sheet metal that's holding a very nice well secured door on the front.
    Anyone with a Reciprocating Saw or Grinder with a cutoff wheel can just cut a hole in the side or top in a couple minutes and steal all your stuff.
    There's no need in trying to get the door open on any of them!
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    a gun safe is to deter theft not necessarily to stop them. thieves go for the "smash and grab", grab anything that is unsecure and get out of there fast.

    while a safe means there are some goodies in there. thieves aren't like you see in old movies, like IT TAKES A THIEF, where they carry around a satchel with tools just for breaking into safes. and not everybody has a reciprocating saws or grinders, and they certainly aren't going to fiddle around looking for one or the other

    a thief isn't going to risk the time hanging around, unless you're dumb enough to set the combo where it opens with 1 turn of the combo dial. I have seen a friend do such a thing when he went to open his safe, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

    honestly, I only know of one way a thief(s) would break into a safe, is they know they will have the time to do that and knows you have a safe or have guns in a closet etc.., when you babbling about taking a vacation or be out of town certain days. yes, I'm talking about extended , family members, friends, co-workers, acquittances or neighbors etc..

    think about it, how many people have you blabbed to about owning guns? or showed them your guns? now, how many of those people know about your comings and going?
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