Your Thoughts on my new Savage Model 10 .243

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by BorisTheBulletDodger, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. BorisTheBulletDodger

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    I picked up this rifle from a friend that needed some cash. It's a Savage Model 10 .243, it's the combo package (cheap scope), has accutrigger. I wish it was a .308 but it's not. Any thoughts on this round or rifle is appreciated as I don't know much about either. What range is this rifle/round capable of? The biggest game I hunt would be deer. Or how it fits in my collection of others:
    shtf gun - Norinco SKS
    gtfoomh gun - Taurus PT92 AFS (9mm)
    c&c gun - kel-tec P11 (9mm)

    I'd really like to figure out if it's a walmart one or not, It only says "Model 10" I have read some posts that their walmart one reads savage "model 10fxp"
  2. cpttango30

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    the 243 is a great varmint round and for smaller eastern Deer it is a good cartridge. I would not use it on the big Mulies out west but if you limit your shots to 200 yards or less It is a soft recoiling round that will kill a deer just as fast as a yote or ground hog. The 6mm is very popular and has bullets ranging in weight from 55gr to 115gr. Now the 115gr bullet is a match bullet and not for hunting it also needs I believe a 9 twist to stabilize it. For deer I would use Premium bullets like the Nosler Partition or Swift Scirocco 2. It is a light round and in many states it is the minimum caliber that can legally be used for big game hunting.

  3. joshfireart

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    lots of guys bought the 243 for there wives as hunting rifles the main reason was that they could use them in the off season as there coyote rifles. i do not own one buy if i did would shoot the heck out of it, get a good scope and never look back
  4. SDiver40

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    I have the Model: 10 XP Predator Hunter and I love it. It shoots the 75 gr. bullets great and the 85 gr. bullets almost as good. But the heavier I go from there the more it starts to drift. But still more than able to kill a deer at 200 yrds. with out any problems.