Your thoughts on a Saiga 410 for home defense.

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by jsanders, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. jsanders

    jsanders New Member

    Is a saiga 410 ok for home defense. Not alone but with a pistol or 2 and an AR and/or M1. I was looking at the 12 ga saiga but the 410 would be a lot more fun to shoot.

    I mean, I'm getting an AR! That should support my insecurity, right?
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  2. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Just my opinion, but I wouldn't use a .410 for home or self defense. I have a short barreled 12ga. loaded with 00 buckshot within arms reach of my bed and a .357 in the nightstand.

    My battle rifle is an M1 Garand. My SHTF sidearm is a 1911. If I have to use a firearm under a worst case scenario, I want what I hit to go down and stay there.

  3. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    Better than some not all.

    You use what ya got!
  4. BigByrd47119

    BigByrd47119 New Member

    .410 slug is the equal of a .45 (I belive). I doubt anyone would want to be on the reciving end of one. Especailly in the 3" chamber type. Probably not the best gun for HD but I dont feel outgunned when I have mine sitting out! Even more so in hollow point. I'd prefer a 12 or 20g w/buckshot. If its what ya got, then make the best of it!
  5. Virginian

    Virginian Active Member

    Seeing as how my first line of defense is a 5 shot 357 revolver, I would be pretty stupid to say no. Unless my house backed up to a paramilitary gang's headquarters I would say a 410 with all that back up would be fine.
  6. Mark F

    Mark F Active Member Supporter

    There is nothing wrong with a .410, especially since you have better weapons available. Saiga make excellent weapons and a .410 would be fun to shoot!
  7. BigByrd47119

    BigByrd47119 New Member

    lol, .410's are a absolute blast to shoot! :D
  8. OldYeager

    OldYeager New Member

    Like others have said, the 410 is really fun to shoot. And in a pinch can be adequate for HD. For years, I kept one in the corner of the bedroom. It was a singleshot, but I had one of those ammo sleeves slipped over the stock. I had a selection of slugs, buckshot, and birdshot right there on the gun. And it could be 'primed' really quick. I have a link to a good story about using the 410 with slugs on deer. Lists Pros and Cons. But really has some useful info.

    Link > Whitetail Deer hunting with 410 slugs
  9. jsanders

    jsanders New Member

    I love this! I was out today and just messing around. I had the 410 with 000 buck shot with me...oh...and i had a couple beer cans.

    I put them on some lumber I threw away awhile back. At 35 ft it went though the wood...5 and 1/4 (i have no idea how to write that). 4 clean holes through the target in a 3 inch group. 1 shot.

    Knock down? Yeah I think so. And the poor cans...holy moly.

    Think about multiple targets in your hallway, what 15 or 20 ft? They wouldn't have a chance.
  10. RMc

    RMc Member

    Use 00 or 000 buckshot in your .410

    Federal, Winchester and S&B all make 00B or 000B loads for the .410
    At indoor home defense range, any of these will stay on a paper plate size target. A man hit by four (.36 caliber / 70 grain) 000B pellets in the chest, will not be concerned about the gauge of the gun from which the pellets were fired!

    A reliable semi-automatic .410 , particularly one fed by a detachable magazine, would be a formidable close range defense weapon.
  11. suprdave

    suprdave New Member

    I have killed all sorts of critters with a .410. Its a great little gun and I trust mine.
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  12. OldYeager

    OldYeager New Member

    I just picked up a couple boxes (5-round boxes) of 410 Federal slugs at the local hardware store. Cost was less than $5 per box. Already have 000 buck in 410 bore at home. I googled Federal Ammo stats on 410 Power Shok Slugs. Found this listed.

    Velocity = 1775 Feet Per Sec.

    Muzzle Energy = 762 Foot Pounds

    Weight = 1/4 Ounce slug

    I think this energy is a bit more than a 357 Magnum at 'Front Door/Front Porch ranges. So I'd say yes, its good for self defence if that is what you want to use. I think the stats also showed that the slug contained 207 FPE at 100 yards range. That is still equivqlent to 38 Special muzzle energy. The Ballistic Coeffecient is poor on the slug, so it looses energy rapidly due to air drag. Thus, its not a good long range weapon.
  13. Uchahi

    Uchahi New Member


    I love this.

    I would not suggest a 410 for home defense. (unless it was in the Judge)

    My Home defense is Moss 500 00Buck with Glock 23C in the night stand.
  14. romad

    romad New Member

    At my latest CCW class, the instructor recommended .410 for home defense. I currently have a Mossberg 500 12GA, but last week I bought a Mossberg 500 .410 6-shot Cruiser for my wife to use. The 12 GA is a little large and heavy for her. She liked the feel of the Cruiser at the store, especially the pistol grip.

    I'd like to get a Taurus Judge revolver, but they're banned here in the CPR.
  15. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    In a home defense situation, all my guns available to me are used to get me to my shotgun. The importance of my shotgun would be diminished if chambered in 410.

    When buying a function specific (home defense) firearm, purchase the most effective weapon you can afford. And I think I saw the Saiga 410 was more expensive than the 12ga? Even the 410 magazines are more than the 12's.

    DON'T dumb down this important tool for fun. Get the right tool for the job and then get the fun gun when you can afford it.

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  16. Walley

    Walley New Member


    A 410 is adequate for home defense. I know that the current thinking is that your have to have a big bore, multiple shot sawed off number but in a close range situation a 410, even with fours or sixes will stop anyone in their tracks. I have read that some profess that they have seen someone hit with two loads of buckshot out of a 12 gauge and it didn’t stop them but I figure that I shovel that stuff out of the barn every day. I do know a guy that lost a leg after being hit with a load of 7½s out of a 410 at twenty feet. I have shot and hunted with 410s for over sixty years and am comfortable saying that they are as good a gun for home defense as anything out there. To me people who put them down are either poor shots or pumped up on cold steel testosterone. You don’t need a cannon to kill sparrows.
  17. diggsbakes

    diggsbakes New Member

    I gotta agree. Anytime there is a question of adequacy always error on the side of caution.

    While I have no doubt the .410 is sufficient for most home defense scenarios, why not enjoy the versatility of the 12 gauge, which is sufficient for all home defense situations? In addition, ammo availability is endless as well as the dynamic options to choose from.

    A 12 gauge is also my primary home defense weapon. It is not my first line of defense, but it is my main HD weapon. I load mine with heavy game loads for the first 2 shells and 00 or 000 buck for the next 4. This is just to ensure hits, even if I'm a little off due to grogginess and/or darkness. (Not everyone agrees with that loading, but it has been tested and found to be perfectly effective) Next I have a 12 more shells (6 on the buttstock, 6 on my hip) to choose from. I keep each filled 1/2 000 buck and 1/2 slugs, by the time I need those (which I probably never would ;)) I'm gonna be wide awake and able to place shots accurately.

    We won't get into the next line of HD. :eek: Get the Saiga 12. . . you'd be well armed and the envy of all your friends.