Your first semi, and most regretful trade-in

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  1. StainlessSteel215

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    Just a fun little 'way back when' thread....

    Ive only owned pistols for about 6 years but my first ever purchase was a compact Glock 23 in .40 cal and BOY was I unprepared for that gun's recoil. I can remember getting frustrated that I could barely hit paper from 10 yards. Yupp, I was pretty bad and picked up a TON of bad habits using it.

    I unfortunately traded it towards some other gun in 9mm, I think it was an older S&W model, pre-sigma series. Now, almost 7 years later I wish I had it around and would love to have it as a backup carry gun!

    My most regretful trade-in was my Kimber Ultra Ten II carry 1911 model in .45acp. Shot like a DREAM and was one of my favorite guns....despite that annoying take down pin when field stripping. I needed cash back then....

    My new motto moving into 2013 is NEVER trading/selling again. Only saving and purchasing to grow my mini collection :)
  2. Sniper03

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    One of my greatest regret!
    Was several years ago, I wanted a Remington 40X Sniper Rifle Custom Built at the Remington Custom Shop in Illion NY. In order to afford the package I put togerher which including a Leupold M-1 Long Range Scope, 22 Deg. Scope Mounts, Harris Bi-Pod, Pelican Case. I sold a High Standard Victor 22 Pistol to get enough money for the new rifle. I have been sorry ever since for selling the Victor!


  3. MOshooter

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    My first semi auto a Ruger 22 MkII Competition Target. Fortunately I haven't ever traded anything,I've always saved up for my next purchase instead of trading.
  4. aandabooks

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    My collection is rounding into shape since I've let go of a few guns to get others or just freeing up cash. I sold/traded 7 guns last year. For awhile I went through a quantity over quality phase. I don't regret selling/trading any of them. I would regret letting go of anything that is currently in the collection.
  5. kryptar19

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    I had a Stag model 1 with a Wilson Arms 1:8 twist 16" barrel that shot beautifully. I decided that it wasn't exactly what I was looking for in an AR so I sold it, and got a Kel-Tec Su16ca. I loved the rifle, but its nothing compared to the Stag. I've since gotten an M&P Sport that shoots just as good as the Stag.

    Been kicking myself ever sense....
  6. Boru

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    My very first semi-auto was a Gen 2 Glock 23. I knew almost nothing about shooting pistols and like the OP had mentioned, I too had picked up some bad shooting habits. I ended up trading in that 23 for a brand new Gen 3 Glock 22 (not a trade I regretted) when I got hired as a reserve Deputy. With that purchase and a LOT of training, I "unlearned" my bad habits and became halfway decent at hitting the target.

    I actually have two trades that I regret considerably. I traded a subcompact Springfield XD9 for some cash and a Winchester Model 94. As I shot primarily .40 at the time, I had little use for 9mm, though I loved the XD very much. I miss the gun quite a bit and hope that I can eventually get my hands on another one soon.

    The second regrettable trade I made( and I am still kicking myself for it) is when I had need of a summer carry piece, or at least I thought I did. I ended up trading a service model S&W M&P in .40 for a Ruger LCP .380. I regret it due to the M&P bring a great gun and the fact that the LCP just sits in my safe while I carry my Glock 27 everywhere....

    I guess you live and learn. I have little desire to sell guns ever, but trades are a good way to get into something more desirable if you had previously settled for second best....
  7. hardluk1

    hardluk1 Active Member

    First semi was a clot huntsman 6" barrel back around 1971. Pulled it out for the first time in 20 years this last weekend. Still better than new rugers. Never traded in a firearm but sold a remmy XP100 in 7mmbr I wished still had.
  8. rhyno13

    rhyno13 New Member

    My first Semi Auto was a Colt 1911 that I purchased while in the Army. I traded it for a hunting rifle +cash in Alaska.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Wish i cud remember that far back-:eek:
    I remember the one i regret the most but it was a long time after my first -
  10. BeyondTheBox

    BeyondTheBox New Member

    I would say thay my first purchases were my greatest regrets, Rugers LC9 & LCP. They also happen to be my first trades (though I really just gave them as gifts to friends). But I can't really say that I regret them, even though they were my learning tool, teaching me how much I hate DAO triggers, without them I wouldn't've gained such quick insight as to what it is I like and should look for.

    What I do regret is not shooting the first before buying the second, so I didnt have to waste the extra 300 to learn my lesson.
  11. Byron0022

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    S&W model 915. Sold it for cash cause I was buying a new car. May not have been the greatest pistol but I liked it. Traded a used H&K for some housework, I didn't really like the hugeness of the H&K but I still regret trading any gun.
  12. elmerfudge

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    Smith and Wesson Model 39. Very sweet DA/SA 9mm. Traded it for??? Crap, what were we talking about???
  13. shadecorp

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    My first purchase?
    Either the Luger or the Ruger.
    So many years ago I can't remember.
    Have to dig out the old records.
    My regret, :eek:
    my Ithaca SKB.
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  14. Hollander

    Hollander New Member

    First purchase - Taurus 917C. Worked fine but just did not trust Taurus reliability. Regretful trade - Kahr MK9 traded for another gun I recently traded away. Traded the MK9 for a Springfield EMP 40. It was a great gun but just too heavy for carry so I eventually traded it away for a RRA ar15. I really miss the MK9 and am trying to think of a way to get the other half to ok another purchase.
  15. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    First: Ruger 22 MkII Competition Target

    Most Missed: SIG P239