Your favorite or best range target?

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  1. Poink88

    Poink88 New Member

    Mind sharing what brand/model/size target you like best to use at the range?

    Please also indicate for what range (distance).

    Thank you.
  2. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    When I go for tight groups I use a 25 yard slow fire pistol bullseye. There are several makers. But they all look similar. I use them at 25 yards.

    When I practice tactical shooting I use silhouete targets. I have some official IDPA Targets in my Blazer for tomorrow. I really don't prefer one silhouete over another. I use varied distances. I usually set up two at a time and practice 2 shots into each as quick as I can. Usually one around 15 yards and one around 25 works good for me. Sometimes I will move one in as close as 10 yards. But not often. I figure if I can't hit a silhouete at 10 yards I shouldn't be carrying.

  3. freefall

    freefall New Member

    My favorite .22 handgun target is a fired 12 ga hull at 25 yds. Good approximation of a spruce chickens head/neck zone. Walnuts are good too, but you can shoot a 12 ga hull a LOT of times.
    Tennis balls are good for any caliber, nearly indestructable and bounce around amusingly.
  4. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    I'm a big triple tap shooter. IMHO, the best PD exercise is the Mozambique Drill.


    I use a pair of Caldwell Orange Peel Bulls-eye targets. For the head I use the 5.5" and the 8" becomes the trunk COM.


    I use fresh cardboard each range trip. When the Caldwells are shot up to the point I can no longer determine fresh hits I stick on new targets.

    Because my training/practice is for PD (and enjoyment) I shoot mostly at CQB range (4m ~12.5') and if I exercise other than my carry guns I will run the targets out, up to range maximum. (IMHO, anything >30' isn't PD, its hunting and I find it a waste of ammo.)
  5. tomill

    tomill New Member

    I like to shoot at bowling pins with center fire handguns and golf balls with RF. They are cheap easy to set up, just throw them out, and fun to shoot. :)
  6. gorknoids

    gorknoids New Member

    I feel more at home shooting the medium blue transitional sillouhette,[​IMG] but find that the milk jug requires me to have my shiz-nit in one sizz-ock because the only visual aid on the milk jug is a capital "Q". [​IMG] Same size, but without the funnel effect of the shading, it's harder for me to hit the jug in the center than it is the transitional.
    The large hostage target (Something like this) [​IMG]
    lets me focus on very specific zones, and introduces a real "Fail" aspect to paper-punching.
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  7. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    I like the 8" shoot N see targets from 7-15yrds. :)
  8. michigan0626

    michigan0626 New Member

    When practicing, how long due you assess the situation before you take the madula oblongata shot? And is there a legality to it
  9. Mack Bolan

    Mack Bolan New Member

    i'm a sucker for buying the Shoot N C brand sticker targets and slapping those on some xeroxed 11x17's of just about anything.

    lately i've been printing different color targets on different photo paper i had laying around and those almost have the same "shoot n c" effect as the ones you buy....

    i'm glueing a bunch of paintballs onto a plywood board for some future outdoor fun:eek::D

    for handguns, i practice at 25'-33' and then sometimes push it out to 40' 50'&60' just for fun and to see how my skills are coming along.
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  10. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    The double tap is rapid and primarily point shooting. The transition to sight shooting for the head shot takes only a second but it is required (in my case) for the kill shot placement.

    I am not concerned with the double tap grouping as long as the hits are inside the outer COM ring. Multiple traumas to multiple systems, drop the blood pressure, drop the target.

    The head shot is different. Smaller target and placement is critical. If either of your double taps are good hits you've reset the tango's OODA loop and will have the time to sight shoot. Another reason for the concentration is if you did hit the tango with one or both double taps, he will probably be going down. You will need the sight shooting to follow the target.

    Legality? You will have no time to think! Other than your OODA loop which takes ~0.25 sec, you MUST rely on training. When your 'go criteria' are met, you MUST draw your concealed carry and if nothing else has changed, engage the tango. If that reaction isn’t one smooth ‘muscle memory’, you’re dead!

    ‘It’s not enough to shoot them until you think they’re dead, you have to shoot them until they think they’re dead.’

    Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap - life is expensive.

    Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.

    Why shoot only once? There's no additional paperwork for shooting someone twice!"

    There is no possible victory in defense.

    "Why did you shoot him six times? Because when I pulled the trigger the seventh time the gun went click."

    Need more? I got a ton!​

    Use your head (your most powerful weapon) and only draw and fire your weapon to save you or someone’s life. This is the only righteous shooting.

    Here are two posts with life-saving information:
  11. Poink88

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    Excellent!!! Thanks!