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  1. lonyaeger

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    I'm up for your recommendations for your favorites in the way of both brand and weight in:

    .223 for target and varmint
    .243 for target, varmint, and smaller game
    .308 for target, smaller game, or larger game like elk
    .300 WM for target and larger game

    What say you? Much appreciated!
  2. Hot Sauce NARC

    Hot Sauce NARC New Member

    i like berger vld's 70gr for my .223 bolt gun, but they do like to be seated into the lands

  3. Txhillbilly

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    223 Target-69gr BTHP, 75gr AMax, 75gr AMax Moly, 75gr BTHP, 77 BTHP, 80gr BTHP

    223 Varmint-55gr VMax, 55gr SP, 60gr VMax, 65gr SP, 70gr SP

    243-Don't have one.

    308 Target-168gr BTHP, 168gr AMax, 190gr VLD, 200gr BTHP, 208gr AMax, 210gr BTHP, 210gr VLD

    308 Hunting-150gr SST, 165gr SST, 165gr Accubond, 168gr Silvertip, 168gr BT, 180gr Accubond,180gr Corlokt, 200gr Accubond

    300WM-Same as the 308
  4. cpttango30

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    223 Remmy 700 50gr Hornady V-Max they sure do make a mess of ground hogs. Accurate as all get out as well.

    223 AR-15 RRA PPR 60gr Hornady V-Max again they make a mess of a ground hog. Accurate as all get out as well.

    243 varmint 58gr V-Max target 70gr SMK light game Deer and such. 90gr or 100gr SGK (SMK is sierra MatchKing SGK Sierra GameKing)

    308 Varmint 110gr V-Max Target 200 yards or under 135gr SMK or 168gr SMK 175gr SMK for reaching out there 500+ yards.

    300 win mag/ 308 for deer 150gr Hornady interbond
    300 win mag/ 308 for Elk: 180gr Nosler Partition. The first premium hunting bullet.

    To me there is no need to go to a premium hunting bullet on deer sized game unless you are shooting some of them freak "I just ate Tokyo" deer. It is a waste of money to use premium bullets on deer when a Hornady interbond or SGK have been doing the jobs for years.
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  5. Catfish

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    Alot depends of the twist rate of your rifle. For groundhogs ect. I like the 50 gr. varment bullets. Shoot the brand that is the most accurate in your gun. For coyotes I shoot 55 gr. bullets for more knock down. The bullets your hunting with should be the ones your practicing with. That is in a .223. For the .243 there are several good varmint bullets in the 60 to 75 gr. range shoot the one that is most accurate in your gun. I like the 100 gr. bullets for deer in the .243. As for the .308 the litest bullet I`ve found that will hold accurace [ast 100 yrds. is the 130 gr. Speer. For deer something in the 150 gr. range and for elk ect some in the 180 gr range. For the 300 mag. the 130 Speer for varmints and 180 to 220 gr. for elk ect.
  6. Squirrel_Slayer

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    For varmint and target shooting out of my AR in .223, 69gr. Matchkings with 25.4gr. of varget behind em. Barrel is 24" 1:8 twist.