Your favorite 223 bullets?

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  1. spittinfire

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    Alright, now that my 223 is up and running it's time to work up a load for it. I'm working with a 20" barrel, 1:9 and I'm looking for some good bullets to start with. I will be mainly target shooting but I could see a varmint load being worked up as well. What has worked for you? Please share bullet and weight, complete recipe if you desire.
  2. Squirrel_Slayer

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    My gun likes 69gr. Sierra Matchkings with 25.4gr. of Varget, but that is out of a 24" 1:8 twist barrel. You'll probably want something lighter bullet wise and with a little higher powder charge.

  3. cpttango30

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    Mine shoots like a laser beam with 60gr Hornady V-Maxes over 23.2gr AA2015 or 25gr H4895. I need to order some 69 SMK and check to see how they shoot.
  4. robocop10mm

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    Winchester 64 gr Power Point over 25 gr of W-748 in a Winchester case. Sub MOA out of a 1/7 light weight Colt barrel or a 1/9 heavy weight Bushmaster barrel.

    It may not look cool, but this bullet gets the job done. Terminal performance is outstanding and predictable. Coyotes crumple when hit well.
  5. Gatekeeper

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    I use either 60gr V-max or 60gr Nosler BT with 26gr of Varget and a cci 400 primer. Very good accuracy, clean burning, and low flash out of my 5.56 chambered 1 in 9 M4gery
  6. Catfish

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    If your going to be doing alot of shooting Mid South has some bullets they call Varmint Nite Mares that shoot real good for the price. They are also excellant varmint bullets. I`ve never worked up a load with them as the first batch I loaded shot a .590 group at 100 yrds. through my RR AR. I buy them 2,000 at a time.
  7. Gordo323

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    I have a Savage model 12, 26” barrel 1 in 9” twist, I used the Sierra 69 gr M.K. and 23 gr X-terminator powder, they have been great for shooting paper!
    I’m new to loading this caliber and am reading advice as well!
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  8. jpattersonnh

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    Geez, where to start! I use H335, Blc(2) and IMR4064. 52gr Speer Hp's, 53gr Barnes XFB, 55gr SP or surplus 5.56, 60 gr Nosler partitions, 62gr surplus, 63gr Sierra.....
  9. 556plinker

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    60g Nosler ballistic tip 23.3 grains ramshot tac
    69 sierra match king bthp 23.3 grains ramshot tac
    60 sierra varminter 23.3 grains ramshot tac

    1-7 with 16"

    I never worked up the load on the 60g varminter, I was having luck with the 23.3 and said what the heck. They shot 1-2" groups at 100 with a marginal rest,trigger and ability.
  10. Bigcountry02

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    Both the Bushmaster and Remington 700 VTR:

    1. HSM .223 Remington 55 Grain - (I have picked up both the remanufactured and fresh with no issues.)
    2. HSM 60 grain V-Max
    3. Hornady 55 Grain V-Max
    4. Hornady 75 Grain Hollow Point (Out of 4 boxes of 20, only fired 4 rounds - these are not cheap)
    5. Federal 5.56x45mm XM193 55 grain (Love shoot once-in-awhile)

    I need to go to the range! :( Too busy at home!
  11. 556plinker

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    You will not be sorry!...excellent in my 1-7 16"

    I worked it up using ramshot tac from 23 to 24 grains with the max being 24.5 in a LC case. The best group was 23.3 they only started looking warm around 23.8. Have no idea where they chronied, I can only say that I zeroed my scope at 50 yds with generic federal 55gr and I was 3"+ at 100/// 0 @ 200/// -3 at 300

    I cant get those v-max's to do any good but I've only tried the 55 grains...I think my rifle likes the heavier bullets with the 1-7.