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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Bigguns911, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Bigguns911

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    I have been thinking this over for some time now. My wife got me a Glock 21 for Christmas two years ago. I used it at work for about 1.5 years but due to the hi cost of ammo I replaced it with a Glcok 22 Gen 4. So what I need is a vote on selling the Glock 21 to get a Glock 27 for back up, off duty and just an all around gun. The 21 has some sentimental value to it but I do not see my self using it much. My boys are to Young to hand it down, and my wife does not shoot.

    The second part of the question is, what price should I put on it in the WA area. I have a total of 6 mags, 3 duty, 3 range mags with orange floor plates. I also have a duty holster for it, Safariland SSI in basket weave. I have put around 600 rounds down range with it, kept it clean and I good shape. I was thinking around $570.00ish. If I got $540-550 I would be good to go on getting the 27. Note I am not putting this up for sale right now, just looking for input. Thanks all Bigguns.
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    think you should try a different gun, like springfield xd. Glock is bad for you..

  3. skullcrusher

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    Even at $500 it would be overpriced used. Jmo.
  4. Gojubrian

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    For the used gun alone you are probably going to get MAYBE $450. YOu'll have to find that special person who would want that many mags with it, most people will only want 1 or 2, but you could probably sell them seperate.

    Good luck and +100 for the XD instead. ;)
  5. NGIB

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    If you have a local gun forum with a swap & sell section - I'd try to trade it for a G27. A used G21 is getting maybe $400-$450 in my neck of the woods, a little more if it's the SF version...