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Young Blood

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Hey everyone. Just found this forum today searching on Google. I read through some threads and decided to sign up.

I'm a 22 year old Student from Tucson, Arizona, currently in Flagstaff for school. I've been interested in firearms for about 10 years now (since moving to Arizona from Virginia) and plan on purchasing my first handgun come the new year. I also plan to complete my CCW training when I move back to Tucson sometime after December. I've been through the paces of firearms, having experience from shooting SA .22 revolvers, to shooting my grandfathers 45-70.

This seems like a great community to learn and share experiences.

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I'd highly recommend buying it before the new year.

There's nothing wrong with not having an avatar.
May I ask why buy before the new year? The only reason I'm waiting is because I currently have a bit of debt (just bought an engagment ring) and I was going to wait to pay it down before purchasing a firearm.

And no avatars FTW. I actually just havn't decided what I want yet. :D
Buy all the guns you can before the wedding. Trust me on this.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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