You'll shoot your eye out!!

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  1. Gojubrian

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    I went to the range today (post and pics to come later). But, first a comical, sort of not, story.

    I was shooting the xd40sc under the covered area outside. A shell casing bounced off one of the supports about and landed on the top of my sunglasses. When I twitched the shellcasing fell down into my eye and burnt my pupil. It burned like heck and everything went blurry!
    I came home and after about an hour I decided I needed to go to the doctor. I went to the walk in clinic and told them what happened. The doctor told the receptionist that I need to see an opthamologist and when I'm leaving she tells me, "you don't need to be shooting them guns." I just gave her a ,'you're an idiot look' and walked out.

    I saw a local opthamologist, REAL cooll guy. He said I have a 6mm thermal burn across my pupil,swelling, and a large abrasion. He subscribed some antibiotics(walmart will take about 3hrs to fill) and will see m again on monday. He also said he just bought an XDM in 45. :cool:

    Watch those coverings out there, stay safe.
  2. lonyaeger

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    Hope you feel better soon, Brian. Thank God it wasn't worse!

  3. winds-of-change

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    I hope your eye will heals quickly. That sounds like a painful injury. I hope you'll be 100% soon.

    When I went shooting with my friend in California he started hopping around and reaching down the back of his shirt. Since I knew little to nothing about shooting I couldn't figure out what he was doing. He untucked his shirt and a shell casing fell to the ground. It never occurred to me that would happen.
  4. lonyaeger

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    The same thing happened to me a few years ago. Here I am now:
  5. lonyaeger

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    All the more reason to wear a dickey when you shoot.
  6. CHLChris

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    Goju, were you wearing a ball cap? Was there something you did that you could have done differently and this NOT have occurred? Or was it just a freak thing (and "lucky" you)?
  7. Theunsb

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    You allowed to shoot with handheld cannons in your part of the world?:confused:
  8. CA357

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    Sorry to hear that little Ralphie. Glad it's going to be okay.

    BTW, it was your weak side eye wasn't it? ;)
  9. Gojubrian

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    I wasn't wearing a cap. I was wearing hearing protection and sunglasses. It was just an unlucky mishap.

    Strange thing is, spittinfire just did a holster trade with me. In thebox I received he had a note on a 3x5 card, it said, "don't shoot your eye out."

  10. orangello

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    Go check the goose; i think i heard barking.

    Feel better man, and when you tell people, start off with "you would not believe the size of the gorilla i ran into the other day...".
  11. spittinfire

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    Blame me, huh? That's just like you to make excuses. Hope you feel better soon.

    Looks like Black Bart won that round. :p
  12. mrm14

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    Shooting Glasses

    I have had near close calls in the past with flying hot brass in the eye when shooting with sunglasses. It had always been when shooting around autoloader pistols and rifles that throw spent brass upon ejection. About 1992 or so I finally bought my first pair of shooting glasses. I cant tell you how many times since then that spent brass has literally bounced off my glasses or rolled off my forehead over the top of the glasses. These designs like the Wiley X ones I'm using fit tighter around my forehead and offer more perpherial protection than my Ray Ban sunglasses or any other sunglasses I've had.

    Shooting Glasses Comp 001.jpg

    To right is Ray Ban Predator sunglasses. Direct protection from objects flying at your eye but not much protection from things rolling down from your forehard into eye. The frames fit looser, can move around more, and have more gap above eye. In the middle is the Wiley-X shooting glasses I bought in the 90's, and on the right is the Wiley-X PT-1's I just bought with dark tint to use when shooting with scope in bright light. The PT-1's actually have three snap in and out lenses in clear, rust, and smoke. Also, they have optional inserts inside for script lenses.
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  13. Dillinger

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    That's just damn unlucky, but since Spitty was involved, I am going with Not Surprised. :rolleyes:

    I am really glad that you were not seriously harmed and hope there is no permanent issues Goju. That is just freaky dumb luck right there.

    I wear a pair of old Oakleys that I got years ago playing beach V-ball. They ride tight on my brow, so an average shell wouldn't fit down to the fleshy parts.

    I have had them bounce off the booth and end up in my collar and on the crook of my arm before. Brass gets hot in the hurry. :eek:

    Good luck on the recovery Goju and don't go handing out any advice with that ammo Spitty!! :eek:
  14. spittinfire

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    I am not feeling the love.
  15. ScottA

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    Dang. I haven't used the optical credit on our insurance policy in a couple years. I think I'm going to see if I can find something that fits tighter.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Sorry to hear that and I hope your eye burn gets better there quickly Brian. :(

    Same thing happened to me a while back, and I'll be damned, Spitty was involved in mine too! :eek:

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  17. M14sRock

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    Wow, who knew Spitty was so "anti eye"?
  18. Charger Fan

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    I must admit, that is one of the oddest shooting injuries I've ever heard of...;)...get it? LOL! Although I wasn't there in your shoes, I can't help but think that I would have at least slammed my eyelid shut. But like I said, I wasn't there, maybe there wasn't a way to slam an eyelid shut at the moment? Wow.
  19. gatopardo

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    A little too late

    First off , very sorry to hear , Ouch!.
    Our instructor at the range advised us to wear a baseball hat for that specific reason, if we don't brig one he'll make us wear a foam vicer.

    And ladies,:eek: no cleavage show at the range, those burns leave permanent scars if the sun light touches them.:(
  20. doctherock

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    My 17 year old has a wonderful cleavage scar from a casing gone rouge.