You might be a gun nut if...

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    You might be a gun nut if...

    You're not sure who Thomas Edison was, but you can list all of John Browning's designs from memory--and you own five of them

    Your favorite scent on a woman is Hoppe's No. 9

    Your sons are named Sam, John, Mikhail, and Uziel

    You think .50 BMG is a suitable caliber for elk

    You think a "snipe hunt" involves a high-powered scope

    You're voting for Thompson because you hope he'll give you one

    The only "Mr. Rogers" you ever watched on TV was Roy

    You won't read Stephen King since you discovered he thinks revolvers have safeties

    You'll always wonder if Thell
    Reed could have taken Ed McGivern

    That huge mistake in Gary Cooper's movie, "Sergeant York," still pisses you off

    You think the "Biblical Canon" was fired at the walls of Jericho

    The "lucky piece" in your pocket is a buffalo nickel--with a hole in it

    You have often watched Democratic politicians on TV while engaging in dry-fire practice

    You refer to any firearm with a bore diameter of less than .40 as a "mousegun"--including a .375 H&H

    The only John Wesley you ever heard of had the last name "Hardin"

    You kneel and pray every morning in the direction of Paterson, NJ

    The picture over your mantel is the head of an Indian chief done by Ad Topperwein in .22 bullet holes

    You think that "Dirty Harry" Callahan was undergunned

    You still have a clay pigeon with two holes in it that you searched for and found to prove you didn't miss the damned thing

    Your favorite TV shows are "Magnum, P.I.", "Colt .45" and "Cannon"

    You think the three greatest American writers were Jeff Cooper, Elmer Keith and Bill Jordan

    You know exactly how fast a Cape buffalo can run, and why you need an Express Double Rifle when they decide to do it

    You carry more lead in your pockets than plastic

    You only drink beer from cans, because you save them--and bottles are unsafe to shoot at

    You know that a proper single-action should click four times when you cock it--and is a FIVE-shooter, not a six-shooter

    Going into Target makes you feel uneasy

    You know that the best form of gun control involves something called "Magnaporting"

    You think the best way to clean out your gutters is with #12 birdshot

    For you, a perfect end to a perfect date is policing up your brass hulls together

    Your philosophy of firearms ownership, and your analysis of firearms-related law, both contain the phrase "my cold, dead fingers"

    (I didn't copy these from anybody; they're original. Hope you liked 'em.)
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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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    There is a guy on another forum that has a sigline that that the problem with the "cold dead fingers" line is that it has 2 problems.
    1) I'm dead
    2) they still get my gun

    Those are funny :)
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    Someone here like guns?:)