You know what P!$$E$ me off?

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    GANGS!! Why do civilized people tollerate it? Our law enforcement know who the cowards are and do nothing about it... Our government knows who these people are and do nothing about it. When the citizen does something about it we are retaliated against by the gangs or by law enforcement.
    100s gangs with 100,000s of members. Criminals with guns that kill kids and old people just cause we "DISRESPEcT" them. Dont get me wrong cops have the most dangerous job in the world and aren't paid near enough for it. The politicians scream "Civil Rights", while we are being robbed and bullied.

    What do we do?? What we do??
  2. TheDaggle

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    Fortunately, rights apply to everyone. Unfortunately, that results in the right to assemble being used to huddle scumbags together.
    Fight for your right to own and carry, and raise your kids not become scumbags. I don't think there's much else we can do. :(

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    Some of my favorite moves shihan.
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    What Would Paul Kersey Do? :cool:

    I am not too overly concerned with the basic, run of the mill street gangs. They can be easily put in check as has been proven time again.

    The ones that scare the hell out of me are the ones like Los Zetas. Military trained, with more hardware than a National Guard Armory, and absolutely NO FEAR of law enforcement. They are a Southern US problem now, but in 5 years, expect them to be everywhere and they will be gobbling up normal street gangs like a fat kid in a candy shop.

    What do we do? Get involved. Set up neighorhood watches. Don't be afraid to get help from the police community clean up associations. Buy a video camera, with night vision capability, and use it. Send DVD's of activity to the local PD AND the news media. Force the powers at be to expend some of your tax dollars on making the community safer.

    You can believe the cops WANT to do something about it, but getting funding and resources can merely be a news story or two away to get the right politician to exert some pressure.

  6. bkt

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    At 45, I'm a crusty old phart compared to many here, but I remember asking myself the very same friggin' question when I was a young teenager: why do we tolerate gangs?

    Answer: because we have forgotten who we are. We are scared to say what's right and what's wrong. We are fearful to go out and do something ourselves.

    And now we have a helluva problem. Not just from urban gangs, either.
  7. saviorslegacy

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    They bother my family or friends and I will do everything in my power to make them pay.
    I am not about to go around asking for a fight though. The gangs around here are very small and the community is mostly old fashioned so we do not have much of a problem. I would assume it is this way in most country areas. It is the cities that you want to avoid.

    ps We already know how the Government handles gangs. Looks at what they are doing in Chicago and plan to do. I have a friend over there is scared and wants out of thereas soon as possible. The place is a death hole.
  8. c3shooter

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    Some years ago, I heard of a gent, disabled vet, SF, 3 combat tours, living in a gang prone area is Southern Cal. His place was trashed by a local gang. Story was that he took an AK (the REAL, ORIGINAL type) and a 5 gallon bucket of ammo, and spent the night putting LOTS of holes in everything marked as belonging to that gang. He sent word next trip would involve a flamethrower- leave me alone or else.

    They did. His injuries finally caught up to him, and he died in his own bed. But the Bloods go to the cemetery once a year to make sure he is still there.
  9. bizy

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    Lotta Gangs

    Los Zetas, Bloods, Crips, Congo Blast, Rolling 30s, Rolling 40s, Rolling 60s, Black P stones, Avenues, Mexican Mafia, Hells Angles, Latin Kings, Vice Lords. There are 100s. If a banger comes onto your property and does graffiti, There is nothing you can do, except repaint your house. I have a rent house that has graffiti on it. I clean it up and it is back the same day. I can't stay there 24/7. I have to protect the home I live in. My grand children are bullied by gang members. The only way to stop the bulling is to join the gangs. They aren't bad kids and do not belong to a gang.. When they tell the athorities there life is threatned. If I shot a gang member that is harrassing my family, I go to jail where the prisonors are all gang members.

    Sorry to dump on you guys. I am just so frustrated.. Thanks for listening...
  10. Yunus

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    I think solving the drug problem would provide a greater blow to the gang problem in this country than anything else I can think of. I'm not saying I know the best way to solve the drug problem, but I think going after the gangs funding is the best way to reduce their power.
  11. robocop10mm

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    It really surprises me there have been relatively few Paul Kerseys lately. As crime gets worse and people get fed up, it is bound to happen.
  12. saviorslegacy

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    Hey, why don't America legalize drugs and tax them heavily + put a big *** price for them? I know it ruins lives, but so does smoking.
    It would take away the gangs way of making money because now everyone can go to the ??? and buy -----.
    I know it isn't perfect, but would it deliver a blow to gangs + give us a lot of tax money? That tax money could be used for good.

    If all else fails my good friend Gary (Vietnam vet) has had his own solution for years.... poison the drug trade.
    Of course, between you and me, he is a little crazy, in a good way...... most of the time. I love him though. lol
  13. Pat-inCO

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    It's called the Constitution.

    Unfortunately the gangs also have rights. The PD may "know" who they are, but until/unless they are caught "doing evil" they can not be arrested.

    Would I love to see these gang members be blown away? Absolutely! But the COPS are charges with enforcing the laws, not breaking them.

    I would love the see the Three Strikes laws modified. On the third conviction for rape, murder (in any form, or by any name), or any crime of violence (that included the use of a gun), they should be exicuted, NOT put in jail for the remainder of their worthless lives.
  14. bizy

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    Great point

    Dopers aren't going to quit smoking pot. Why not legalize and tax pot. We can't legalize cocain or heroin bla, bla... But if the government was making money and not spending money trying to stop the unstopable we maybe could plug that big money hole created by the government giveaways. Prohibition didn't work the first time with alcohol, it ain't gonna work. It hasn't worked in the past and it aint gonna work period. Good point Savior!!
  15. orangello

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    You could install a tiny security camera & forward the footage of the you arteests to the police; some of them are getting pretty inexpensive now. I picked up one for about $45 online, but it doesn't cope with lowlight very well (wireless though).

    I agree with attacking the funding. Prohibition spawned gangs with alcohol as well.

    I also think that promoting stronger family ties with a male role model present is part of the long-term solution.
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  16. RobDennis

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    It makes no difference if you are a lowlife or a upstanding citizen. We all have the same rights and they are protected by the same laws you are.
  17. gorknoids

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    When the government took over the role of father to many of America's children with all of the hand-out programs, it just freakin' failed.
  18. collegekid20

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    There are lots of things you can do. Talk to your neighbors and get them to help you watch the place. No gang would ever come into my neighborhood because they would be outnumbered and outgunned, not by me or my family alone but by my neighbors. Also, motion sensing lights and video cameras. Also, there are also many ways of dealing with individuals, you just gotta be sneaky. As far as your kids go, have em hit the gym when they're old enough and carry a pocket knife I always did, teachers never the wiser, still do too.