You know that you have a crap job when...

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    It makes you want to punch old ladies in the forehead...

    I work part time in the local supermarket deli and this morning we were rushed off our feet. We have the little number thingies (that's their technical term BTW :p) so people don't have to fight about who is first but our button to change the 'Now Serving' number was broken so we weren't using it. While I was serving a guy, I noticed a well dressed lady walk up to the opposite end of the counter that I was working at. She waited patiently for a couple of minutes but after that came to get a number. In that time however, another lady grabbed a ticket so she was first. After I had finished serving the guy, I asked the well dressed lady what I could get her. With that the woman who got the ticket before her screamed at me "I was before her!"

    I explained politely that the well dressed lady was actually before her but she was having none of it. "I'm number 63," she yelled. "She got hers after me, I'm sick of waiting around in this shop waiting on incompetent people to serve me!" I tried extremely hard to ignore her while I helped the other lady but in the end I assertively told her that we were extremely busy and doing the best that we could to serve everyone as fast as possible. With that she demanded to see the manager because I was being aggresive!

    Anyway, after a short talk with the manager she was escorted from the building. I had to fill out an incident report as she filed a complaint against me but my manager said that there was nothing to worry about and that other customers had told him that I handled her well. I guess it was lucky that she did directed her abuse at me, because some of the young girls I work with don't have the same level of confidence and assertiveness that I do, and it was hard for ME to keep my cool.

    Oh well, at least my day was interesting!

    Share your stories too; you know that you have a crap job when...
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    you know that you have a crap job when...

    You actually work directly with crap! I'm a lab tech. We work with a lot of different "boldily fluids". But truly, I love my job. My hours and my co-workers are awesome. I think I'm one of the lucky few. :)

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    In nearly 40 years of working for a living & nearly 10 of that,being self-
    employed did I want to kill someone?! "You bet your butt I did"! Soo many
    fools seem to expect you to work for free!!! :rolleyes:
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    I've lost a job for saying what was on my mind. I can't stand bosses who are on a power trip.
    At my age now I just ignore stupid people.
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    Any job that deals directly with the public, especially where patience is required on their part, has the potential to become a crap job in a hurry. Because friends and family are cool, but random people SUCK:D
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    When you work in an gun store in a not so good part of town 3 days a week, and you're the ONLY employee there for 2 days a week:eek:
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    The most trouble I've gotten into was over jobs I didn't have. Let me explain!

    My older brother owns a large company that does contract millwright work for many large grain processing facilities nation wide. I only worked for him 2 summers when I was in college, never really liked that kind of work. Anyhow, later one christmas (around 1975) he gave me 5 sets of work uniforms with his companies logo and my first name on them. He did it more as a gag than anything else, but if I was gonna do a real dirty job at home, or wanted to get his company discount on materials, I'd wear them.

    So I'm going to the local lumber yard, wearing a uniform set and I guess I took this old idiots parking place, he starts ranting about how I cut him off. Real case of road rage. He's driving a sign painters van, great graphics all over it. A$$bag won't leave it alone, follows me into the place and informs me he is going to report me to the company I WORK for.

    Not since my Army days had anyone thought they had that much control over my life. This clown was get'in into this crap, had a gleem in his eyes as he told me he was going to personally get me fired because he was golfing buddies with the purchasing agent for MY employer and was the owner of a local sign co. All this grief over basically nothing, the guy was a complete looney-toon.

    I told the nut case to "do what ya gotta do" and walked away. Called my brother that afternoon to tell him about this yo-yo, he thought it was funnier than hell. Turned out A$$bag did follow through, he was not happy when his buddy told him that the man in the parking lot was the owners little brother and he might not want to bid on anymore work.

    Another time I'm in Hawaii, I had went there to walk a dealers repair team thru warranty work on our prototype excavator that went tits-up on a job site. Dealers guys went to lunch, I walked over and leaned on a shovel stuck in the ground, having a smoke, waiting for parts to be delivered and just enjoying the outstanding view. A guy in a subcontractors pick-up pulls in, tells me that I'd better show him I knew how to use that shovel.

    He interrupted my serene situation, without thinking I told him "not right now, I'm on break". The guy gets out of the truck and tells me I'd better come with him. We are gonna go get my last check because I'm fired! I told him I'd love to go with him, could always use another check, but I did'nt work for him.

    After I explained the deal, he turned out to be a real nice guy. For the rest of my time on that job, he would stop by a couple times a day to apologize. I did learn something though, after that I always wore a company lab coat or coveralls when I was going to get my hands dirty.

    The biggest A$$ chewing I ever had in my working career was over my expense account. I had just changed jobs, (1983) and was working for a Fed. Gov. contractor. On my first assignment I had'nt claimed the min. $50.00 per day food allowance when I filed my expenses. Company policy was that when traveling you took $50 bucks per day, no receipts required, no exceptions. This involved a flight to Frankfurt DEU, I had eaten breakfast at home and the airlines fed me the rest of the day, so I did'nt take anything for food that day. It was an unwritten policy and nobody had ever told me.

    My boss called me in, explained the meaning of life to me, told me I was screwing it up for everyone, take their money and have a good day! I figured that if this was the biggest error I ever made, I was going to like this job, and I did.
  8. jetgirl

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    I'm another one of those few. :)
    My boss treats us all like family...even me, and I haven't been there that long.
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    I too have a dream job actually, except for the whole sucky pay thing. Other than that it's really great.
  10. Jpyle

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    You see the guy that drives the "honeywagon" truck that services cesspools and porta pots and think..."yeah...I would trade places with him, at least he goes home at night happy without dreading tomorrow."
  11. Jpyle

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    Does it involve your avatar? ;)
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    Or when you have to burn "it"... Horrible smell.
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    I was TDY in Germany and ran a flush truck. First time and the last time. I was a freight guy. It was a really crappy job and not one I care to ever do again. But you do what you're told. :eek: