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    I posted this in another forum but. ..You guys are on top of things

    Heres the deal
    I had an employee come to me cause he knows I'm into guns he said he had an old model 330 22lr his neighbor wanted to sell for about a hundred dollars but it was in bad shape and told him to send me some pics when he could. Instead he brings the rifle to the office and I looked at it and opened the bolt and it's obviously not a 22lr and I mean obviously lol I told him it was in awful shape (which it is) and id give him 40 bucks out of curiosity. His neighbor says yes I give him the cash and now its mine. I would like to know what the hell it is I looked at the scope and its a weaver model 330 in 5/10 shape id say. They thought it was the rifle model. And the rifle has a chrysanthemum marking so I think it is Japanese but not sure here are some pics maybe you guys can help me out

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    Looks like a arisaka that they didn't completely remove the crisam.....flower.
    If it still had the flower in tact it would be a real find. The Japanese removed them so as not to disgrace the emperor. At least that's what I read about them.

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    Your rifle began life as a Japanese Arisaka- a Type 44 (Model of 1915) When Japan surrendered the rifles not captured in combat had the Mum defaced.

    Unfortunately, looks like someone started sporterizing the rifle. If so, collector's value is gone.

    Here is what it looked like prior ro Bubba-
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    Any value in either part the rifle or the scope
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    Yeah, but not much. Take it to a gunsmith, and if it's safe to shoot, you got a good deal, in a rifle that's worth maybe around $100-175ish (maybe at the extreme high end) in that condition.

    I think the scope is probably worth around 10 bucks or so.