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You be the "JUDGE"

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A great piece for self defense,but million dollar question how many states will allow carry of this fine firearm :cool:
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I'm sure it's a-ok here in SC. I don't recall what the exact measurements are but it has to be so many inches from the tip of the barrel to the tip of the butt(grip). That looks like it fits the bill. I have one of those (sorta) in a double barrel pistol. It's about 5-6 in. long. That video looked like the 'judge' gives a nice kick. The one I have ain't all that bad. Good snake gun.
I have owned 5 taurus handguns; 3 of them were totally unreliable and required multiple trips back to the not so happy taurus hollow tree in miami. I won't own another. That aside, if the gun is legal by federal standards I can't see how your local lawdogs would be opposed to it. Unless of course you live in Jersey, Nazichussetts, or New York... or Illinois, or Hawaii. Then you might be boned.
I carry a Taurus .357 stub nose sometimes. I've found it to be very reliable and have never had one problem with despite many, many rounds at the range.

When I carry I usually load it with bird shot rounds. .357 with a 2" barrel is hard to be accurate and when I carry it I do so in situations I feel that very close range only shots will be needed such as downtown areas where I don't want a stray round happening.
All i can say i holy Christ i think that would drop nilly anything

I really want one. For kicks not to carry. I just want to see the looks on my buddies faces when I show them what i got.

I own a Taurus Judge blued with a 6' barrel. I agree that it's a really neat gun and a wonderful conversation piece, but I'm not sold on it's performance. It would probably work great as a snake gun, but with #4 or #6 shot, effective range is 10 feet max. I've owned 5 Taurus handguns and have had problems with 2. Quality is questionable in my humble opinion.
I have a Taurus Judge. It's the 3''. Personally, I love it. There's no great distance with it but it's a great snake gun. As far passing any regs... that's what the rifled barrel is for. And recoil is not as bad as you think.
Any of the guys here who own one ever tried buckshot? 000 only gives you 5 pellets but if you hit something with'll know.
New ammo by Taurus for the Judge

Taurus has come out with a new load for the Judge which is on their web site.

My son gave me some of the new loads, which are produced especially for self and home defense.

I keep both my Judges, a 2" and a 3" barrel loaded with both buckshot and the new loads.

Imagine looking down the barrel of this thing. It is like looking down the barrel of a cannon.
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