You Are The Weapon

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    The current world of firearms sales is booming with more accessories than ever before. One look at any popular gun magazine, and you will find ads/articles featuring the latest ammo/weapons/gear that will have you realize that you MUST have it even though five seconds before you finished reading the ad/article you didn't know the product existed.

    This is especially evident in regards to AR style rifles and 1911 style pistols. I believe this practice has created the notion that in order to properly defend yourself, you need fancy firearms/gear/ammo otherwise you will fall short. This will prove detrimental to the firearms community.

    There was a time when all ammo used was either FMJ or wadcutter. They did the job, and did the job well, but when the hollowpoint came on the scene everything changed. Now it is commonly excepted that if you use FMJ for home defense you are "shorting" yourself in that area.

    That is just one example of many that shows how the world of firearms has changed. One thing that hasn't changed is the concept that sometimes simpler is actually better.

    No one can deny that a simple S&W model 10 .38 Special Revolver stoked with simple wadcutter rounds will do the job of home defense. That is, unless you talk to some of the folks in the local gun dealership or online in forums. Some people will have you believe that if you must go with a revolver, it has to be a S&W performance center product and it must be at least a .357 mag with the fanciest hollowpoint loadings on the market.

    The truth is whether you decide to protect your home and family with a gun like this:


    or something that is "lower classed" such as this:


    It will benefit you to remember a simple saying, which is "Simple is Better".

    Remember that most products will do well to enhance your chosen firearms peformance or looks, they are not needed in order for you to protect what you feel is important.

    Your mind is the most important weapon. Use it well.
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    True enough Sarge, simpler is almost always better. :cool: