YHM drop in quad rail

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    I decided to put a YHM quad rail on my .50 beowulf. This is the YHM-9805 mid-length. I also bought a Tapco handguard removal tool to make things easier. The tool was well worth the $13 that I paid for it. Install went very easy, the tool easily held the delta ring out of the way with one hand while I removed the old handguard with the other. The new slid on, with only a few taps with a rubber hammer to seat the rear. The fit is tight, absolutely no movement. A nice upgrade for 5 minutes worth of work.
    The tool, .50 cal Beowulf with old handguard.
    Tool in place, ready to compress delta ring.
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    Hand guard tools are for Sissy's!
    "Just Kidding":D
    They can be a pain in the ARRS!
    But one thing I will share with the readers of your thread. The reason we have such a problem with putting on the standard Handguards is that we attempt to do it with the upper on the lower. This causes us to have our arms extended too much and takes away our best leverage. This does not allow the leverage we need to easily put them on. If you put them on with the Upper off the Lower it is a lot easier. With the rear of the upper receiver against your belt (or close) on your strong hand side. Insert the front of the Handguard into the Front End Cap. Use your strong hand to pull the Delta Ring toward your body with your strong hand thumb and three fingers. You can not believe how much easier this is since now you have ample leverage. While you are doing that start the Bottom Section on first by inserting the *Front of the Handguard into the Front End Cap and aligning the center flat part of the M-4 Handguard for example flat (Level) in relationship to the Bayonet Lug and put the bottom half on so it is straight with the Bayonet Lug. Once you have done that flip it over and insert the top half into the Front End Cap. If the top half does not want to fit in the Front End Cap check the alignment of the bottom half. You could be out of alignment usually one notch. If it is properly aligned the top half should fit into the Front End Cap. Then pull the Delta Ring back on the top section and when it starts in behind the Delta Ring Pop it with the Heel of your hand and it will pop into place. A little help after fighting with the handguards in the past. Oh yes did you say there is a TOOL? "LOL!" :D:D
    That is a good looking YHM Quad Rail. But do not forget also to recheck your Zero. Anything that influences the barrel either contact or pressure normally effects the Barrel Harmonics and it will not shoot the same previous Zero.
    Looks Great! :)