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Yet another new member!

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HI, all.
I just found this site.

I shoot muzzle loaders of all kinds, cartridge guns from .22 to .45-70-500 "Gov."

My pa tells me that I first showed an interest in firearms at the age of three, when I found his copy of Gun Digest. I received my first rifle, a Ithica Model 49 "Saddle Gun" 4 years later for my birthday, and have owned at least one gun ever since. I have studied firearms for as long as I can remember, and have built a few muzzle loaders, and refinished a couple more modern arms.

I live in Idaho and Florida.
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Rendezvous Events . . .

Hello All,

I got a request from Webmaster "Kyle" to cross-link my Web Site to this one. Before I say "yes," I'd like to find out if there is some interest in some related historical activities like Rendezvous, Buckskinning, Fur Trade Re-enacting & such.

I presently run a site that lists Rendezvous & similar Events across the Fruited Plain (lower 48 states). For those who are muzzeloaders, many of the Rendezvous listed do hold some kind of shooting competetition. Other Events held at Rendezvous also include 'Hawk & Knife throwing, Archery and similar activities.

I invite those who post on this Site to visit mine then leave any comments either here or my E-Mail address: [email protected] If I do see enough response over the next few days, I'll consent to the cross-link.

I also make an E-Mail posting of Rendezvous Events. If you'd like to receive these postings (about every 3-5 weeks, text only--no attachments) please make your request at the same E-Mail.

Thanks much for y'all's time & efforts.

"Smoke Talker"
Webmaster --
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