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    With all the "What gun for a Bear" threads bouncing around on the forum and Net in general I thought maybe we could have one dedicated to news clippings and or links to attacks , encounters and "Incidents" of perhaps dangerous behavior and or just what stupid people get when they think a wild animal is a stuffed toy .

    Here are a few to start us off in anyone is interested .

    Bear Bites Camper Near Yellowstone
    2 Montana Campgrounds Closed As Safety Precaution

    POSTED: 6:59 am MDT July 18, 2008
    UPDATED: 11:15 am MDT July 18, 2008

    Last but not least is a Video of pure human stupidity .

    A man is eaten by Lions in the wild because he wants to get a better picture of them while his wife , children and others watch the whole thing .

    WARNING somewhat graphic despite the poor picture quality !!!

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    Simple sign: "Critters are not tame. Bodies will NOT be returned to next of kin" Some folks will ignore. Called evolution in action.

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    I always loved the story of the largest bear on record being killed by either A) A Forest Service Employee or B) A poacher with a 7mm Semi-Automatic...

    Largest Bear Story

    The photos, not contained, with the jogger who was mostly eaten and had his soft, fleshy parts exposed are always good for nigthmares....

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    I would consider this natural selection. Why waste time trying to save people this stupid. I wonder if the video is real?
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    JD that bear was taken a long time ago and many a BS story has circulated based on the photo .

    If I recall correctly that Bear was actually taken in Alaska with Archery gear by that guy and oddly enough I think it's skull just missed the world record for Bear in Boon & Crocket but did make the World record for Pope & Young .

    I think I first saw that in the Petersons Archery Hunting magazine many years ago . If you look left and down from the Bears mouth you will see two verticle lines in front of a huge shadow I think those are arrows in a quiver that someone forgot to remove when they altered the picture , I think the original one showed the guy with his Bow leaning against the Bear .

    Now that's how I remember it but I just searched on the net and found this article in a Bear hunting magazine "Click on the Link then hit Articles for the story" - Cached

    But I swear I think I saw that photo with a Bow and side mounted quiver leaning against the bear .
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    Many "attacks" are due to stupidity, and a desire for sensationalism. People that go into bear country and keep food in their tent or anywhere near their campsite deserve to be eaten - if for no other reason than to remove "stupid" gene's from an already tainted gene pool. Then we have the complete morons like the one I saw almost 18 years ago on the news. The news reporter was warning people at the beginning of the summer season of what "not to do" in the western National Parks where brown bear attacks are reported every summer. They showed a mother with a video camera taping her husband attemting to place their 3 yr. old on the back of a brown bear. Another clip showed a guy bating a bear with a bag of Frito's trying to get the bear to sit on it's haunches for a "good shot" with the camera. Idiots like those need to be eaten.
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    Just today a volunteer at a animal "Sanctuary" was attacked by a full grown Tiger .

    It was reported the cat jumper an 8-10 foot fence to get to the person .

    When they called 911 they reported it as a Pit Bull dog attack !!

    Police apparently found a few holes in their story " I wonder if the other dozen or so Tigers and African Lions on the property was a clue ?"and looked around and found a freshly killed/shot Tiger .

    Why in the world do people keep these things ? They're not cute little dogs to be played with and they don't operate a zoo or a circus .

    Last month it was a Black Panther in a Lady's yard chasing her into her house and this month we have an attacking Tiger all less than 100 miles downtown St. Louis .

    Deer season in Missouri might start getting real interesting soon .

    If you want to see a video of the story go to kmov4 .
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    It was several years ago when a lady in my county went to a wild animal place on a farm. She was attacked and killed by the Tiger. Authority's did not seem to know it was even their. Not sure of the out come but surely a law suit. Can you really have enough insurance? :confused:
    Just last week not far from here a pit bull attacked a 10 y/o boy and they had to amputate his arm. His older brother came into the house and found the dog on his arm. They put the dog down right away. Not sure why people own them? Some must be ok. but I would not want one. Maybe Spudz from Budweisers, I like the picture of the girls holding him. :rolleyes: Is he even still alive? :confused:
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    I've heard a story where a man's 2-yr old son was attacked... man kills dog and gets sued. The stupidity stories, I can deal with, but the total BS stuff like that really riles me up.

    Though I'm neither, I'm more "city" than "country" and even I know that, well, bears like food. Duh.

    What load would one suggest for combating "stupid"?