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  1. zhuk

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    But this is bad, bad juju folks...

    Boxing kangaroo in cruel comic act


    Chelsea White

    From: The Courier-Mail

    March 05, 2010 11:00PM

    IT is an image that will leave every Australian sick to the stomach. Our national mascot dressed in shorts and boxing gloves with a rope tied around its chest, goaded into boxing a human clown.

    One of Australia's most iconic symbols is reduced to a cruel and insulting comedy act – all in front of a cheering audience.

    Welcome to BorderFest – a US festival in the town of Hidalgo, Texas, designed to "celebrate" all things Australian.

    The festival is sponsored by Kraft, the (US) owners of another Aussie icon, Vegemite.

    The "Rocky Show Circus" runs at least twice a day, starring two kangaroos and their owner, Javier Martinez, who dons the clown suit.

    Martinez baits the kangaroo by pushing it and repeatedly jabbing at it before placing it in a headlock.

    If Rocky fights back too much Martinez's wife Sandra restrains the kangaroo using a heavy tether attached to a harness around its chest.

    Martinez has repeatedly been investigated by authorities for violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

    In 2003 two of his kangaroos died within four months.'

    Boxing kangaroo in cruel comic act | Courier Mail

    Too gutless to let off the restraint? What a complete wanker.

    "I hope the kangaroo gets up on his tail and uses those great feet of his to remove that clown's entrails!"

    EXACTLY what would happen if the 'fight' were fair :rolleyes:

    [And yeah, I know we cull & eat roos here. But a clean head-shot by a registered shooter is another thing compared to being tied & punched by some dropkick out to cash in]
  2. TXnorton

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    This is in Texas? I am very embarassed and ashamed.

    Robo, as our resident Texas giant with LEO creds, would you please go down to Hildago and "talk" to this fella for us?

  3. zhuk

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    Well, that was quick:

    US festival cancels boxing roo act

    I'd say that's a win!

    (Can't piss off an entire nation of Vegemite(tm) eaters, can you? I mean no one else is gonna buy it :p)

    So Robo and his industrial-size bollocks will not be needed :)
  4. AcidFlashGordon

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    It's too bad that one of those roos didn't up and rip out the stomach of the clown. It's my understanding that kangaroos do have somewhat nasty claws on the ends of those huge feet and they can do some damage. That would have put a really quick end to this stupidity. Fortunately, it was stopped......