XS big dot sights for M&P fit SD9?

Discussion in 'Smith & Wesson Forum' started by KHickam, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. KHickam

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    Well, I liked some of the reviews I have seen and read on the XS big dot sights and I have emailed the company to see if the XS sights for the M&P will fit on the S&W SD9? But, it has been a couple weeks and no answer yet

    Was wondering if you guys know the answer?

    On another note - thinking of getting another 9 mm and the choices I like are the Sig SP2022, the M&P shield and the M&P 9 mm - any thoughts on this?
  2. Jpohl

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    Just picked up a m&p9 and absolutely love it. I've only put 150 rounds through her but she performed flawlessly. Highly recommend it. Good luck. Lots of choices!

  3. headhunter

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    I had a "big dot" on my M&P and then I saw a TruGlo combination fiber optic trinium sight. I swallowed my pride and ordered and what a super sight! Sometimes being wrong hurts ($$).
  4. JimRau

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    I have a M&P and have had several friends and other LEO's shoot it and ALL of them liked it better than the OTHER guns they were using. Most of them were glocks but several were Rugers and Springfield's. The most common comment was about how good the trigger was compared to theirs. The other plus to them was the ergonomics:)