Xds45 for concealed

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by lifeguardkliff, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. lifeguardkliff

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    Currently live in ca but moving to Oregon in March and recently shot a buddies xds45 and loved it I know there is a bunch of options for a concealed 45 and wanted to get your guy's opinion is the xds a good option if not what would you recommend ?
  2. TekGreg

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    Kliff, if you can cover it and handle the weight, then any current gun maker offers fine choices, Springfield being one of them! I personally have a Springfield XD Target 5" that is Magna-Ported that was a carry gun for years. I can honestly say that the gun doesn't make as big of a difference in carry as the rig (belt/holster). Get a reinforced gun belt and a custom fitted Kydex or Leather holster and size and weight are handled much more easily. Nothing is as embarrassing as losing your gun from a generic nylon holster at a most inopportune moment!

  3. JW357

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    Just be aware there is a current recall out on XDs'. Not a big deal, just be aware of it.

    Any gun you shoot well and fits your hand well is the right choice for you.

    I've never held one, but in my own opinion I don't much see the purpose for the 9mm version being the exact same size as the .45 ACP. I don't understand their reasoning for not making the 9mm smaller than its big brother. *shrug*
  4. Mercator

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    It is every bit as good as a sub Glock but flatter and has a factory fiber optic. It is a deep CCW you can love to practice with.
  5. freetobefree

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    My XDs is my edc... very reliable and comfortable