XDs 4 round burst?

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    A friend and I were having a little shootout on his back porch last night...When his XDs .45 started spitting out multiple round bursts. First it was a series of 2 round bursts. After about half a dozen 2 round bursts, it spit out a 3 round burst. It did this a few times, then finally spit out the 4 round burst. Anyone have any idea what could be going wrong? Is it possible that he could be accidentally bump firing some how with the way he's holding the gun and/or pulling the trigger? His grip is the standard thumbs forward grip. Anyway, it's in the shop getting checked out. Just wondered if anyone has heard of such behavior from the XDs or any semi-auto for that matter.
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    Well the first thing I would do is delete this thread, I wouldnt go out of my way to tell anyone except the manufaturer.

    As stated above, call SA and get it back to them ASAP, malfunctioning or not, you have an illegal unregisterd 'machinegun' in your possession... They will put you away for a very long time.
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    I sure have not! Just got my new XDS 45 today actually. But I have a friend who has one and it works flawlessly. It is a striker fired weapon so it would seem there is definitely a defect. I do not think that could happen no matter how you were holding the weapon. Could be a firing pin sticking? Could be a weak spring or one out of place. Whatever, as Sputnic stated he should contact Springfield and get it back to Springfield on an RMA. The shop mentioned I hope it is Springfield. If not it should be unless it is a Springfield Warranty Center? Unsafe weapon for sure!

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    It is easy to double tap it , I have done it a few times. Now 3 or 4 is a different story . you should shoot it and see if it does it to you , maybe its just him . If not call Springfield and get that thing in the mail
    (800) 680-6866 mon-fri, 8:30-4:30 central time
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    Maybe it just needs a good cleaning?
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    Sear not working well? Take it down and clean EVERYTHING Something is gummed up or simply not working as it should. The striker is not being cocked back and staying put. So when the slide comes forward it's letting the next round fly.