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    A buddy of mine recently purchased a new XDM9. He has put at least 2,000 rounds through it at this point so it should be broken in. The man is an excelent shot with just about any gun he uses and consistantly shoots sub 1/2 inch groups with several of our pistols and revolvers.

    We accuracy test by shooting 5 shot groups from a solid table with sandbag rests at 15 yards.

    The XDM9 consistantly places the first shot of a 5 shot group 2 inches low and right of subsequent shots. The main group varies with ammo but typicaly runs 1 1/2 to 2 inches worst case spread excluding the first shot.

    We held a practice session today and after 3 or 4 groups of the odd pattern I handed him my M&P45 to test him and he shot 5 rounds with 3 in one hole and the other 2 opening the group to 3/8 inch. Subsequent groups with the XDM yielded the regular 4 plus 1 pattern with a 3 1/2 to 4 inch overall spread.

    Have any of you experienced similar results and or have some idea what could be the problem?

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    Makes no sense at all to me. If it were a mechanical problem with the gun it would appear more often than just at the first shot. IMHO, it must be shooter related...

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    Did you guy's try shooting it high left to see if you would hit center? If not try it and if it does hit center it could be that the sight's need to be moved.

    Did you try different back straps?

    Also what grain ammo were you shooting? 115gr,124gr or 147?

    Factory 115 seems to shoot low. My XDm 9 loves 124gr.

    The XDm takes some grip adjustment in order for the shooter to shoot it accurately. It's a odd pistol.

    I have 10,400 rounds through mine. When I first started shooting it I was low left. I adjusted my grip as needed and was hitting dead center. Just my $0.02
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    Doesn't seem mechanical, as stated that would occur on every shot or at random times. Could it be that a change in grip, finger placement, etc is occurring after the first shot? Try shooting round 1, place the gun on the bench, pick it up and shoot round two, etc up to five. Now take 6 shots as before but ignore the first one. If the first string all group low right and the second string group tightly, the initial grip is the problem.
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