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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by NGIB, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Didn't like the feel of the XDm so it got swapped today for this one. It's a Caspian slide on a Foster (Caspian's other brand) frame with all Wilson Combat innards and a ported match barrel. Not sure I care much for a ported gun but hey, it's a 1911. The finish is Brownell's Gunkote with the frame matte black and the slide a faux stainless. I pretty sure I know the fella that built this gun and he builds a lot of 1911s in the Atlanta area and does very nice work. The slide to frame fit is every bit as good as the Dan Wesson I had and the trigger is near perfect. The gun is very smooth.

    As I only had $500 in the XDm, I'm very happy with this swap. It came with 2 Chip McCormick mags but I also just picked up 4 Tripp Cobramags (for $75) so I have good mags for it...

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  2. lonyaeger

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    You did good....again! Love the two-tone. You couldn't have gone wrong with a 1911 made out of those components.

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    Unbelievable trades you always find. I will be traveling through Georgia on Friday, I want deals like that.
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    Actually there is quite an art to gun trading. Many times I'll see something I want but I don't have what the person is looking for. I saw this gun 3-4 months ago but I didn't have what they were looking for. It was traded to a new person and I did have what they wanted. It's a relatively small group of folks that trade guns regularly and we all keep an eye on what everyone gets their hands on in case it goes on the market again.

    I've "made" money on some trades, "lost" money on others, but all seems to work out just fine in the long run. I didn't need another 1911 but I really didn't care much for the XDm and 1911s make really good trading material. I have no idea how a ported 1911 shoots and I may hate it but at what I have invested - I'll come out just fine if I deal it away...
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    Where do you come up with these!!! (rhetorical)

    Man you get some deals. I would have made that deal in a heartbeat. :D