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    Got the new XDM Compact late last week and turned Tatoozled loose with it. She was rockin' my XDM9 full size but thought she wanted something more compact.

    I traced a B-27 onto some steel and torched it out, which was then hung in a tree off the back deck at about 20 yards. The steel was junkyard scrap but has stood up to everything from full bore .45 Colt to .38 Super and countless 9mm and .40 S&W rounds. Wish I knew what kind of steel it is.

    Anyway, she is smacking center mass hits 20 for 20. Hope to finish my range and backstop this spring and add some dimension to the fun.

    I'm proud of her for the way she listens, follows instructions (not typical, usually I am the one trying to listen and follow her instructions :) ). She's an excellent shot and I think I might need to slow down, she's getting better than me...

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    That is some damn fine shooting, good for the woman. ;) I see you still got some snow? It was 80deg here in Bennington today! :eek: :p

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    Bah, to hell with your 80 degree weather! It was almost 55 here today, but the snow just sux. I still have at least 18" on the ground around the house. It's going, just very reluctantly. Coupled with the rain my basement is a mess.

    Unfortunately, the more she shoots the more she wants to I think. Need to start pricing cases of 9mm again. Once the range is done we can do some movement and different distances I think. She has the basics of marksmanship down. Funny that she had never shot (much) before I came around (shameless ego-plug) and now is a great shot. As an instructor both in the service and the PD, I often find that people with no or very little experience do better than those with preconceived expertise.
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    Most excellent good time.