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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by nccinstaller, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. nccinstaller

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    Well i had a chance to shoot the new xdm competition 45 yesterday. What a disappointment, i was really excited to shoot it and it really was not what i expected. It felt very cheaply made and fit and finish was okay. Then when you get to shooting it it felt like the slide was to heavy for the recoil spring felt as if the slide was slapping the back of the pistol. Accuracy was okay not any better than any other polymer 45 i have shot. Let me know if anyone else has shot one yet and what you think. Maybe my friend just got a bad one?
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    I just recently shot my new XDm 5.25 / 9mm and found it to be a superb polymer version in this calibre. Haven't had the opportunity to shoot the .45 in the 5.25 series, but I do have one in the .45 XDm and love it. Next to my 1911's in Colt and Kimber, my XDm .45 is my "go to" pistol if I want to shoot lots of rounds in a reliable and extremely well built polymer pistol. Yeah, the slide hits hard, something you have to get use to if you are use to shooting the much heavier and beloved all steel versions. Sorry you were disappointed in it.
    Gray Ghost