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    I've found a private gun dealer that can get me a great price on a XDm. The XDm I'm looking to get is the 3.8" 45ACP Compact Black on Black. He called me this morning and quoted me a great price. I just want to check my bases to be sure.

    When he called to double check what I wanted it sounded right except when he said it has a 13 round magazine. I went to the Springfield website to double check myself. I noticed that there are two different 3.8" models.

    Springer ONLY makes the 3.8" Standard in 9mm and .40S&W, right? However, Springer makes the 3.8" Compact in 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP, right?

    I know the 3.8" .45ACP Compact comes with two magazines; a 9 round and a 13 round magazine. When I looked at his 'buyers' book the book didn't have the 3.8" .45ACP Compact listed, it did however have the 9 & 40 listed. I'm guessing his book was a little outdated.

    Could some one please give me the EXACT model number of the Springfield XDm 3.8" .45ACP Compact Black on Black so when I confirm with him to go ahead and order my gun there is no confusion on anyone's part? Thank you.
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    All the info should be on the SA site online. And as far as price goes most shops have them from $650 and up for a base 3.8 black OR shop powder river precision they have full ones in .45 from $602 and you can customize it, thats the route im going.