XDm .45ACP

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Gray Ghost, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Gray Ghost

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    Went to Fort Lee, VA last Sunday. Shot 200 rounds with my .45 XDm. New ammo as well as reloads. Dead rested at first to check sights. DEAD ON, right out of the box! This is a black on black XDm. Makes the three (3) dot sights look very vivid. Front sight gets a tad less bright after about 125 rounds. By far, the finest .45 ACP I have ever handled. Egronomics for my hand is phenominal. Digested three (3) brands of new ammo as well as reloads perfectly...even mixed. This is a lighter gun than my 1911 styles, but the huge recoil spring sucks up the kick pretty good. Shoots just like my XDm 9mm & .40 S&W. Sure wish I had this on my side from 1968 to 1972!
    Anyone else to comment...either way?
    Gray Ghost
  2. hunter Joe

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    As a Springfield salesman I had an opportunity to shoot one of the first XDm 45s that was available to the public and I have to admit, I was also quite impressed.

    One of the other salesman got one in the 300 serial numbers through the Springfield Armory Employee's Program and we shot the snot of of it.

    Good luck, Joe