XDM 45 round two

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by JonM, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. JonM

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    took my xdm45 4.5" model out today for the second time. everytime i pull the trigger on this gun on the range i get more and more impressed with it. it is such a pleasent gun to shoot. the recoil forces are spread so evenly across my palm it makes shooting my 1911s unpleasent by comparisson.

    fired 200 rounds of 230grn fmj. no fte ftf at all. ranges from 5yards to 25 yards.

    here is 13 rounds at 25 yards only 2 fliers in the 7 ring with one in the 8. everything else was 9 and 10.


    thats better than i can do with my 1911s at that distance. the more i shoot this xdm the more impressed with its easy shooting accuracy. im seriously going to consider one of the new xdm 45acp compacts if they feel good in the hand.
  2. 7point62

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    I've never fired the XDMs but will give them a try. High praise when you say it makes your other 1911s "unpleasant". Good shooting