XD9mm tried--what else do you recommend?

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by lagrl, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. lagrl

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    Okay, let me start out with a few things about myself.

    I live in Los Anegles, which only has like 5 ranges left to test out guns. :(
    I am a girl, 5'1" 115 lbs. My hands are small.
    I am a LEFTY!!
    I am a BRAND new shooter. Last night was only my 4th time at the range.

    So, I am looking to purchase a gun. It will not be for carry. I can commit the time to practice.

    I initially tried the S&W M&P 9mm. It shot well, but the grip sucked. I did find out this gun comes with 3 different grips that you can switch out...the gun I fired had the largest grip on it. The range is going to see if they can find the small grip for me and switch it out so I can try it again.

    I also tried the XD 9mm 5". I really really loved this gun. I shot it surprisingly well, it felt GREAT in my hand and I didn't struggle with the slide (I have on others).

    I hope I have provided enough intel. What other guns would you recommend I try out???

    Much Thanks
  2. Water-Man

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    XD 9mm 4" and Glock 19

  3. Samhain

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    My wife likes my Ruger P95 (9mm)
    she hates my S&W M&P 40 compact, but rented the
    M&P 9mm compact & full size & loved the full size. She is goin got buy it
    this weekend.
    You can always buy a rubber grip sleave.....
  4. Dillinger

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    lagrl - My fiancee' had never fired a weapon before she met me, but she wanted to learn, so we started her out on my Kimber Rimfire which is a .22 caliber version of a full sized 1911. She spent about 10 or 12 range visits learning safe gun handling and proper technique before moving up in caliber. She currently carries a 4" Nighthawk Talon 1911 in 9mm and likes it very much.

    As for some things to consider, as you live in Kalifornia, there are quite a few firearms that you won't be able to have access too - so do some research before you fall in love with something that you can't get due to the Nazi's in power down there. :(

    In picking the Springfield XD I think you started with one of the top pistols in that category given your size and your experience level. Springfield makes a good product and it's reliable. As this won't be your carry piece, and good luck getting a permit to carry in LA County :eek: , I think you are safe in choosing just about anything that is 1) legal where you live and 2) fits your hands.

    Walther makes a model called the PPS that we looked at during the Shot Show and it has several features that might appeal. The back strap is replacable, so you can size it to your grip and the weapon is thinner than other weapons in that class. You can get it in 9mm and it has two inherent safeties, plus it's an ambi mag release, so great for a lefty like you. A new storage feature called Quicksafe was added on this weapon and is one of the first of it's kind in the production market. With it, when you remove the back strap, you can safely store the weapon and never have to worry about someone shooting it "accidently" because it can not fire without the back strap in place. If you have kids, and don't have an expensive gun safe, this would be a key feature I would think.

    Glock makes the model 17 and 19, but I think they might be a bit big for your hands as they have a bit of a larger handgrip on them. I personally do not care for the brand, but thousands and thousands of people swear by them, so I am definitely in the minority. :D

    H & K makes a couple of models you may like: The P2000 This has an ambi slide & magazine release, which is good for you and it also has the adjustable back strap. I personally don't care for the weapon, but you might like it. They also offer the P2000SK which is a thinner version of the standard P2000. This might fit your hand a bit better. Same features.

    Taurus has a model that may not be legal in Kalifornia, but if it is, you might like to check out. The 24/7 Pro has some good features and I believe you can reverse both the slide release and the mag release. Taurus has an unconditional lifetime warranty on their weapons, so they stand behind their products and this one features an "exclusive" foam molding rubber hand grip that is designed to fit "every hand". I don't know about that, but it is a comfortable weapon to hold.

    Anyways, those are a few to look at. There are a ton of choices out there, so I kind of tailored this list to weapons kind of what you have already looked at. Do your homework before you buy - make sure that the company will be around in a year and will stand behind their product.

    Stay safe. Have fun. And welcome to the club. :D

  5. 308sc

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    I am looking for something very similar to you and have done extensive research on other forums. Just waiting for the money now:)

    Try a CZ 75, Glock, and a Sig Sauer
  6. lagrl

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    Thanks guys

    On a good note, any pistol I am trying at the ranges are all legal in CA.

    A crazy caveat you might not know, that I was told by the range manager last night is that a gun is legal in CA, but you are ordering something slighlty different about it, including its COLOR, it needs to be drop tested and will hold up the 10 day waiting period for another 5-10 days. Neither he nor his buddies had any idea that this was another crazy hoop CA makes you jump through. The mgr had ordered a legal for CA XD, but wanted the greenish cammo color. So he experienced this silliness first hand!

    Anyway, thanks for the recommendations. Unfortunately I am at the mercy of only being able to try what the firing ranges have as all my gun friends live on the East Coast.

    I was lucky though, and found a range that has several of the pistols you all recommended which is only a 1/2 hour away.

    They have the new baby Sig a P239 I think, and several of the others as well. I am going there tonight after work.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  7. Southern6er

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    May want to consider a California packaged CZ-82 in 9mm. has ambi safeties, 9 round capacity (12 round everywhere else), and uses 9x18 Mararov rounds.

    CZ-82 @ JG Sales
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    Kimber makes 1911s in 9mm these days. Though, you're a lefty, you owe it to yourself to shoot one.
  10. lovetoshoot

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    I'm a girl too, 5'7 125 lbs. I have the glock 19 and like it. I have a hard time breaking it down, but enjoy shooting it. I have a walther PPk. It's okay. If I'm not careful it kinda bites me in the fleshy part of my hand when I shoot it. That is the gun that I carry in my handbag (since its small). I'm accurate with both. I love my S&W relovers. I have the 6 inch (I should not have gotten it, its way to big for me) and the 4 which I really like. Try going to a large gun store and holding the different guns in your hands. That will give you an idea of how they will feel.
  11. Puff

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    Hey there.

    I'm a tiny bit smaller than you & have the XD 9 sc. Love it.

    The other one I liked was the Bersa Thunder - felt good in my hand but
    I had more confidence in the Springfield name.

    Handled some of those changable grips - a small was put on for me to try & it really didn't help at all - still didn't feel good in my hand.

    Check out Women & Guns - it's a site for the magazine & they have a forum too - lots of great ladies with a ton of advice and a wide range
    firearms they can share 1st hand female opinion on.
    Women & Guns
    Cornered Cat
  12. singleshot

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    Try a Ruger SP 101, Rev.
  13. Butter

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    Depends on what you like and what appeals to you. Things also change over time. I live in Torrance, btw and my wife is about your size. She shoots a revolver well enough since she lacks some arm strength to operate the slide of some automatics easily.

    However, you noted your size, but didn't tell us what your budget is. For me, I am 5'7" and a buck fifty for weight....with small hands. I think, if your budget would swing it, you'd really like an all steel 1911 in 9mm. The weight would tame the recoil to about nothing, but the price on 9mm 1911s would be a little less than double an XD. You'd also have to see which ones are on the OK list from Cal's DOJ handguns. I know the Kimber 9mm was on the list and that may sell for around $1,200 here abouts.

    In any case, I wish you luck on your selection process. BTW, I have four XDs including the 5" 9mm which I had SA do their Custom Carry package to it. It has almost 12,000 rounds through it and I only needed to change the recoil spring every 4,000 rounds or so. I've used this through several defensive pistol classes and one IDPA comp. :) Really nice gun.
  14. CA357

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    If you have a big enough budget, take a look at a Springfield 9mm EMP. Good luck in your search and welcome here.
  15. hewhoisiam

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    My short story on this:
    I tried my friends Glock 19 sub compact and had a hard time with it due to my comically small hands. 5'5'' 150lbs, tiny hands. (I do not envy huge handed people, I'm just saying... Try scraping a gasket out of an oil filter umbilical frame and being able to palm a basketball, It don werk :D )

    I bought an XD .40 as my first ever firearm after trying Glocks and a few other odds and ends. I liked a colt 1911 I tried also, but the XD was a better deal. It fit my hands much better than the glock (had trouble reaching things) and I liked the grip angle better. The Glock grip just seemed off. I'm right handed, left eyed dominant and a very novice shooter. I've put about 200 rounds out of the gun so far, cleaned it twice. The tooless breakdown is another thing I like about the XD. Easy to clean and maintain. A guy at the shop I bought it from was bragging on having an XD that he's shot something like 2,000 rounds out of without ever having problems with it.

    That's it, that's all I got. Hope that helps.
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