XD40 or 40 subcompact?

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by Flavor4real, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Flavor4real

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    Hello guys,
    This is my first post, so take it easy on me. I have a Springfield xd40 and I like it. I thought about the xd40 subcompact because it has a shorter barrel. I want to carry concealed with asunder the belt- hip holster and think that the sub compact would probably the best choice.

    Now, since the subcompact has a shorter barrel, I was wondering how the accuracy is. Does anyone has some experience with both and felt a difference between both?

    Also, I'm not sure if I should get the xd or the xdm version. Are there any significant difference beside the exchangeable grips?

    Thx, ..
  2. trex1310

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    My XD40SC is the most accurate XD I have and I have 3 XD 40's.
    Excuse my ignorance, but what is an asunder hip holster?

  3. Werminator

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    Based on most carry systems, I think I would simply spend some time getting used to carrying the XD you have... You would be surprised how much difference in velocity and power you see taking half an inch off your barrel. I am, however, on the fence because my main belief in concealed carry is that concealability is paramount. If you can't get comfortable with the larger XD then definitely look for a version you can carry in such a way as to achieve maximum concealability while not sacrificing daily carry. Right now I do not possess my carry permit but when I do, I am looking at the Ruger LC9 or KelTec PF9 because they are both very small and very slim which would lead to a very unnoticeable profile regardless how I dress for the day. I do wish there was a substantially thinner profiled XD out there for this purpose as I feel the safety system on the XDs lend themselves to much quicker action...
  4. BenLuby

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    If you're getting it for CC, then the accuracy should be fine. You only need to really be accurate to about 20 feet, and at that range a slightly shorter barrel shouldn't provide and significant difference.
    If you're shooting at further ranges than that for self defense, then you're hanging out in some really strange areas.
    The LEO's on here can verify, but I think the FBI statistics show that 95% of all gunfights take place within 21 feet. The fastest, most accurate weapon in that range is what you want.
  5. Sonic82

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    I bought this (XDm 3.8 compact 9mm) this summer. So far it's been a great gun. Love the full size and compact versatility. XDm's have a match-grade barrel and probably the biggest difference from the XD's. Ergonomics are excellant as well.