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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by gemini23ca, Jan 6, 2009.

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    I just bought an XD40 with a 4" barrel, I have my concealed weapons license and would like to get a hold of a horizontal shoulder holster. I am torn between getting one with a magazine holster. I was looking for some advice on comfort with or without the magazine holster (if it balances the weight better). Also, a place to purchase a shoulder holster, preferably leather.

    Also, i was looking for an inside waist holster for the same gun, thanks for any help/advice you can offer.
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    I have always had excellent luck with Galco Gunleather, and while the prices might be a little high compared to some I think they are fair and the equipment is excellent and nearly impossible to wear out.

    DeSantis, Mitch Rosen, Don Hume, and Bianchi also all make some nice leather gear.

    The Jackass and Miami Classic are both excellent shoulder holsters from Galco, but it appears at this time they only offer the Miami Classic for your XD. The magazine carrier does help balance the ride of the holster, especially for the larger frame (heavier) guns.


    While the Galco NSA2 and the Scout are my choice for IWB, it appears they are also not available for the XD. Of the option available, the Summer Comfort would be my choice.

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