XD with external hammer

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by KSDeputy, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. KSDeputy

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    I understand that Springfield armory is making an XD in 9mm with an external hammer. I can't wait until they make a model in .45 with an external hammer, I may seriously look at that if it is DA/SA with a decocker like my CS 45.
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  2. KG7IL

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    I never got too excited about striker fires. From my start with Glock years ago, I didn't like the mushy, binding, unpredictable, crummy trigger.

    I did try an XDs that seemed to improve the striker experience, but not enough to spring for one. I haven't tried the XDe, but would hope that we are back to a decent double/single that made shooting a pistol fun.

    An XDe in .45 would be worth a try... but until then. 1911 variant is tops in my book.

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    My XDE writeup is in the thread below this... I can't speak highly enough about it, and it's my new carry gun.