XD(M)Mod.2? do you think it'll happen at shot show?

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by bankston94, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. bankston94

    bankston94 New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm just starting a discussion about the recent increase in factory stippling. In 2015 the XD Mod 2 released and was praised by many. Recently the M&P 2 was released with factory stippling like the Grip Zone.

    One of the things that made me choose the XD over the XDM was the grips. The XD felt so natural in my hands while the XDM was somewhat slippery with a 3 finger grip.

    Would you like to see the same grip zone applied to the XDM or would you like a different kind of factory stippling?
  2. jjones45

    jjones45 New Member

    As long as they don't put "grip zone" on the grip I would love to see the same stippling put on the xdm. I've been actually waiting to by a xdm 45 compact until this year to see if they were going to improve the texture of the grip. Xd/m's fit me like a glove but they are slick, no doubt about that