XD 9mm. your thoughts?

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    I have recently begun to search for a handgun for defense (more personal than home), future carry, and all around use. I have fired about fifty rounds through a friends .45 xd with the four inch barrel and I really liked it and another friend has the .40 and says its the best gun he owns. I liked the .45 but I'm leaning towards the 9mm due to ammo cost. However, I don't know anyone with the 9mm and none of my local ranges have one as a rental. I would like to know if anyone here has had any problems with theirs, any major difference in 9mm v. 45 in this model and what your overall impresions/ opinions of the gun are. I won't be buying for a while, but I'm starting my search for info. All opinions and info willl be taken into account and much appreciated. Thanks:)
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    I just got one and I LOVE it. I got the subcompact one. I'm a girl though so size is important to me to be able to conceal it properly. It is just a blast to shoot

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    I have the XD in 40 S&W and I have shot several hundred rounds through both the XD, and Xdm, in 9mm and the .45ACP XD. In my opinion the 9mm and .40 S&W are very similar, if not exactly the same, in terms of the frame, balance, grip feel, etc. The XD .45 ACP, while a fine firearm, feels a little different to me. It actually shoots smoother than the 40 which has a bit of a snappy recoil, but I think that is a general statement about the cartridge not the gun. Either way recoil should not be an issue in 9mm.

    The Springfield XD line in general has a very solid reputation for reliability, accuracy and "shootability." Many of the members here own XDs and will most likely share their experiences. All that being said, the ultimate decision is yours, whatever you decide just be sure it is the one that you are most confident, comfortable and capable with. As someone else more experienced than me has said "The best gun money can buy is worthless if you can't hit anything with it."

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    Xdm 9

    Just got my XDM 9 love it so far can't wait to shoot it. Grip feels a little like my Taurus 9mm, like the fact that it holds 19+1. Not use to the no hammer type pistol but good deal for a match grade barrel and all the the other goodies. I have herd some good and bad obout the clip loader, myself it works great just half to put the clip on a firm serface.I bought the 9 because of the coust of ammo and it is not as much gun as a 40 or 45. I have a 1911 and two long colts but they seem to be a little bit to much for home pertection so I like the 9. I have a taurus P 92 and it shoots great but wanted to try a polymer gun. good luck:D
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    If you liked the XD in 45 and 40 you'll have no problems with a 9mm. It's actually the exact same size as the 40 and the difference in it and the 45 are unnoticable to your hand.
    For self defense, I carry a 45 but have carried a 9mm in the past and would again with the right ammo. Personally, if you go for the XD9, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I currently only have 1 XD but I've had others in the past, they are outstanding weapons.
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    I have had a XD45 for about a year and have been very happy with it. It is simple to maintain and reliable with the Blazer, UMC, and even occasional Aguilla ammo i've fed it; i don't recall a single jam or misfire since i purchased it.

    A shooting buddy just received a XD9 a couple of weeks ago. He has been VERY happy with it. His ammo does cost less, but still seems like plenty to get the job done, especially with some decent hollowpoints. He has not reported any jams or misfires. Neither of us carry concealed, but the XD9 feels slightly more concealable.

    His XD9 is a 4" barrelled model while my XD45 is a 5" barrelled model, so there is a bit of difference in size, both length-wise and grip-wise. I did notice his has a different looking guide rod than mine.
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    Let's avoid getting into the "caliber wars" of 9mm versus .40SW versus .45ACP....

    I own an XD-40 service and an XD-9SubCompact, and love them both. In my view, any of the XD calibers will do the job for self-defense (each with its own pluses and minuses), but the advantage of the 9mm is the ammo cost and increased capacity of the magazines.

    No question, how each performs in your hand will relate to which model, caliber, and your physiology of grip.